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Aug 5, 2008 07:23 AM

Need recs in E. Hampton/Amagansett

I have three nights to dine out with no kids, but I'm not necessarily looking for just fancy places. Just good food! I'll be making reservations two weeks in advance on midweek dates, so please keep that in mind with your selections. No cuisine is out of bounds except Chinese. What are your picks?

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  1. I'd consider The Laundry in EH if I wanted to pick one high-end adult meal in the area. Excellent food, not a scene like some of the others.

    Good luck with the reservations, it will probably take some flexibility and persistence.

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    1. re: cteats

      I got a reservation no problem. Thanks to you and jfood for the recommendation.

      What do you guys thinks about others' picks: Bostwicks, The Lodge, Cafe Max, and Matto?

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        jfood has not eaten in any of them. passed Matto twice on the way to Nick and Toni's and it looked hoppin'.

    2. Jfood agrees with cteats on Laundry. Best restaurant out that way for dinner. Here's jfood's review from last week.

      Nick and Toni's has also been a favorite but jfood saw some significant decrease in quality this year over previous years. Dellafamina went "Do Not return" last year and there is probably a jfood review as to why if you do a search.

      For a casual lunch, there is Cyrils halfway between Amagansett and Mantauk on 27. Jfood ate a soft shell crab sandwich last week that was fantastic.

      Eli's looked like it was about to open in the old Amagansett MArket space and may go live this week. Mary's Marvelous is an alternative in Amagansett for some good oatmeal and muffins (closed on wed). Golden Pear (EH) is a real treat if you want to be treated like dirt by both the staff and other patrons. Immediate increase in blood pressure spot. Starbucks much more professional a nice.

      Enjoy the beach

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      1. re: jfood

        Mary's Marvelous has the best iced coffee in the Hamptons! Also great pastries, sandwiches and smoothies -- best place takeout breakfast or lunch.

        Skip "Lunch" aka The Lobster Roll in Amagansett -- it's overpriced and the food has gone downhill, although service is always great.

        I've heard The Lodge is great but haven't eaten there.

      2. Just had a good meal at The Lodge in EH. I also like Bostwicks (EH), but they don't take reservations. You can get a cocktail and look at the boats while you wait.

        1. My favorite is Cafe Max...small and very un-Hamptons, which is how they advertise.

          It's right on the highway just about one half mile before entering the village.

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            Just remembered Matto a relatively new restaurant directly across the street from Della Femina's. I had several enjoyable dinners there this summer, one on their outside patio at sunset.

          2. The original comment has been removed