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Aug 5, 2008 07:20 AM

crabs, a drive and a deck for birthday fun

my husband's birthday is this weekend and he wants crabs. Now we get crabs about every other week in Bethesda - so I want to take a drive an hour or so to somewhere a little more fun, with great crabs, a lively outdoor deck (music), and maybe a couple of items on the menu for the non crab lover (me) although that is not essential because I have not found such a place as of yet. We usually go in the afternoon. Nothing in the Waldorf direction please- I hate that drive and did not like any of the crab house out that way any how.


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  1. Quarterdeck in Arlington? I'd say Annapolis, but that's more than an hours drive from Bethesda.

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      Annapolis is really only 35 minutes from Silver Spring where we live. And I will go more than hour just not 2 hours

    2. Jimmy Cantler's Riverside Inn. Get there early or wait, and I mean a long wait.

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        harris or crab deck in kent narrows

      2. While I do like those crab decks on the Kent Narrows, I really enjoy crabs at the Magothy River Crab Deck. It's closer than Kent Narrows and really a nice scene.

        1. Maybe it was just the company I was in but this place was fun. About 20 minutes from Columbia, so not to far from you.

          1. With all due respect to Cantler's, Stoney, Robertson's, the Crab Claw and Kent Narrows, the best and most scenic crab house in the state of Maryland (which also means on earth!) is at Waterman's Crab House in Rock Hall. We've been to about every significant crab house/shack in the state over the years and Waterman's is to die for. As much as I would like to recommend Cantler's, Waterman's is more atmospheric and the sides are far superior. Both have jumbos yet Waterman's is just the definitive Maryland experience. Please read what I wrote several years ago; my opinions haven't changed.

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              With a recommendation like that, I HAVE to check it out. Thanks Joe.