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Aug 5, 2008 06:42 AM

Not too exotic, not too heavy

Ok, a friend is coming in from out of town and we will be going out to dinner and those are her words. I tend toward the ethnic when dining out, so can someone help me? I was thinking tapas so she could have little plates, but Amada/Tinto/Ansill, etc might be too "exotic." I'm thinking somewhere with good salads (I love the salads at The Continental, but I'm afraid it will be too crowded and loud). Location is flexible within the city, although CC/Old City might be best. Some thoughts I have include Supper, Little Fish, Farmacia (but I'd like to keep the entree prices under $25), please!

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  1. It's been known to be a little inconsistent, but right down the street from the Continental is Swanky Bubbles (right on Front St). I have had a few good meals there and they have small plates. The sushi, on both occasions that I ordered it, was sub-par, unfortunately. I'd stick to the regular menu.

    1. If you're thinking of not doing small plates then supper should be out too as that's also their thing. For lighter fare I always think something Mediterranean, had an unbelievable meal at Kanella (byo) a week or two ago or you could do something like Zahav, though we might be back to exotic there.

      If you want to go American and are alright with the BYO thing I think Marigold, Audrey Claire (get the octopus for yourself), and Pumpkin do a great job with keeping things light, especially in their summer menus. If BYO is a non-starter there's Snackbar (which has generally toned down the weirder elements of their menu) or if you really just want a salad and a glass of wine Tria is always great for that.

      1. For inexpensive tapas try Apamate on South. For "nonexotic" Figs may be perfect. They have great salads and a wide range of meat and fish entrees. BYO and entrees in the $20 range.

        1. Thanks for the ideas. I'm thinking maybe Jones...

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            positano coast? those are some pretty unexotic, but solid small plates. cute little joint and pretty central to other stuff too. i have not been in like two years though, to be fair.

          2. Twenty Manning
            Matyson (BYO)