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Aug 5, 2008 06:38 AM

Where to buy Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream?

Whenever we go to Echo Sushi we always get an order of the Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream for dessert. This is so good and a perfect dessert that's not overly sweet.

I'd love to get some of this for home. Does anyone know any stores in the Toronto area that carry this?



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  1. Ron_M, the best place I've been able to secure black sesame ice cream on a regular basis is in J-Town . It's located just east of Woodbine/hwy 404 on Steeles. The grocery store/bakery there carries it (Bakery Nakamura) just infront of the cash. It's about $5 for a 500mL tub the last time I checked. It's the best I've been able to sample in T.O. It has a great smokey-flavour - very aromatic. The Grand has a pretty OK version as well - but that's only for dine-in. The flavour is not as strong, though the colour is a darker black.


    Cheers! If anyone else knows where else to get some, I'd be very interested.

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    1. re: BokChoi

      I've never had black sesame ice-cream. Does it taste like the black sesame dessert soup or those white glutinous balls that have black sesame paste inside?

      1. re: red dragon

        yes, it tastes just like those items - except in ice cream form. It's actually my favourite ice cream flavour. I love exotic flavours - and it's not too sweet either (has a bit of bitterness that is really pleasant). The J Town version is really 'smokey' and is the best one I've tried in T.O.

      2. re: BokChoi

        Here is a photo of the Grand's version:

        Only for dine-in though. Flavour is not as rich and smokey as J-Town's formerly was.

        1. re: BokChoi

          I've heard the bakery either is no longer there or doesn't carry it anymore. Can't confirm personally though...

        2. tnt should carry it.

          if you're into making your own, tnt (and other grocers in chinatown) carries black sesame paste and just a swirl of a few tablespoons into a basic ice cream recipe will give you great results.

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            1. re: Ron M

              Store locations can be found at this link:

              The first/flagship store in Toronto being: 7070 Warden Avenue, Markham.

          1. Even closer than the drive up north is La Bamboche, on Manor Road, a few steps E of Yonge (beside La Coquine). A few months ago I had their black sesame gelato and it was quite good - homemade. They have other interesting flavours, too.

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            1. re: thenurse

              Is this a store or a restaurant? I'm looking to take home a carton.

              Also would there be a difference in flavour between this and the Japanese variation?

              1. re: Ron M

                T&T also sells it in stick form, basically, an ice cream stick the way we eat popsicles..they also sell kurogoma 'mochi', which is black sesame ice cream filled mochi balls...I just wish Haagen Dasz would sell it here like they do it Japan...

                1. re: chaptwo

                  I'm not a huge fan of the stick form, just because I found that it was a bit more ice-milk than ice-cream. Thus, a bit watery for my tastes. I prefer, in the case of black sesame, for the base to be creamier. I find that cream offsets the slight bitterness of the sesame a bit better. But to each their own!

                2. re: Ron M

                  It's actually a little french patisserie/boulangerie. I'm sure you could get a 500ml carton, but not much more. Sorry, I haven't had the Japanese variety so I can't compare. All I remember was that it tasted like rich, peanut butter-like gelato. Call them and ask a) if they have it (I think flavours may rotate) and b) what it's like/made with.
                  At the very least you can visit and get a decent pastry and a latte.

                  1. re: thenurse

                    The black sesame seed ice cream I've had has a rich smoky flavour so this may be different than what you've had.

                    I imagine J-Town would have this. I'll be visiting anyway to check it out so I'll let people know if they stock it.

                    1. re: Ron M

                      hi Ron_M

                      Just got back from JTown. Sorry to report that they no longer carry Black Sesame Ice Cream. I have no idea where I'm going to get my next fix now. Apparently the person who used to make it quit.

                      Does anyone know where they may have gone?!

                      1. re: BokChoi


                        I'm just hoping they aren't the supplier to Echo Sushi!

                        1. re: Ron M

                          And I'm just starting to feel the effects of withdrawl too - after all this talk of black sesame ice cream, I wanted to get a refill for my coffers - but alas, there is no more. Depression is starting to set in...

                        2. re: BokChoi

                          Yikes, thank goodness I logged on here, was going to check it out this weekend.

                3. You can also try the little japansese store in Kensington called Little Tokyo, I get it there.

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                  1. re: magni

                    Didn't Little Tokyo close up?

                      1. re: pinstripeprincess

                        Went to their closing sale a few months back – thought I could pick up some good deals, but I was not too impressed. Only about 10-15% off items I was interested in, better deals on the prepped/frozen items though. Got some neat rice paper wrappers for making my own maki rolls. Not on sale though.

                        1. re: BokChoi

                          BTW I went to Echo last night. For dessert we asked for Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream and the waitress told me they were out!

                          I'm hoping this is temporary ...

                  2. I'm not sure about black sesame seed ice cream, but I tried the Halva (sesame seed paste) gelato at Wild Thing cafe at Borden and Harbord, and I really really liked it, and I don't like sesame seeds that much at all.