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Aug 5, 2008 05:43 AM

Chelsea Sushi?

Good morning! Looking for good sushi in Chelsea. Preferably somewhere around 23rd and 7th.

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  1. I'm not impressed with the two places that are right there - Hana and Monster. I like Izumi better, although it's on 29th St. I'm sure others will have recs closer, though.

    1. actually, we really liked hana and think it's worth a try.
      the restaurant was clean; the service was great; the fish
      was fresh and the other cooked entrees were decent as
      well. for a neighborhood sushi spot, i thought it was quite
      good and priced reasonably.

      i'd skip over monster though.

      1. 15 east is the best in your neighborhood, however it's fairly close union square

        1. Not fancy or pricey: I love Daioh, 300 West 23rd St. Nice prix fixe dinners for 2 or more to share also.

          1. I used to live in Chelsea and liked to eat at Momoya which is on 21st and 7th and also Blue Ginger which is on 15th and 8th. Momoya has an especially cool atmostphere with open front windows in the summer and a modern, clean vibe on the inside.