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Aug 5, 2008 04:30 AM

[Dallas] Restaurant Week Reviews

A lot of the Restaurants have started early this year would love to hear your reviews. We have had good and bad experiences with this so haven't made reservations yet. We are thinking about trying Fuse and Sullivans . Any early reviews would be great.

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  1. Fuse lost their chef and closed their sister property. Now may not be the best time to try that place, esp during restaurant week.

    We've go Abacus and Central 214 reservations. We may cancel the 214 due to scheduling conflicts.

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    1. re: MarcusB

      fyi, Central 214 recently lost their chef too.

      1. re: ieatdallas

        I wonder if this is where Casey Thompson will end up?

        Tom Fleming counts as well known, dont you think?

        1. re: sike101

          When did Casey leave? We just ate there about 3 weeks ago it was fantastic but I thought I saw Casey in the kitchen

          1. re: Analisas mom

            It sounds like within the last week or so.

            1. re: sike101

              Tom Fleming definitely counts as well known.

              214 would seem to be a lateral at best move for Casey Thompson but we'll see.

      2. re: MarcusB

        This is a great time to go to Fuse. The chef that left was the corporate chef, but Robbie Lewis is still the exec. chef of Fuse. He has been at the helm of the kitchen for around a year now.

        1. re: MarcusB

          I haven't been to Fuse, but have heard two negative first-hand reports from RW.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Last night we made very last minute reservations at Lavendou, as I've been wanting to try their lavender creme brulee since I read their RW menu.

            The fiance and I both started with the seafood crepe, which was exactly as rich as you'd expect it to be at a seafood restaurant. It was completely too rich to be a 1st course, but I loved it. Then we had the mahi mahi with cucumber relish. It was tasty, and the relish made it feel like a light dish, which was welcome after the heavy crepe. And finally - for dessert I had the much anticipated lavender creme broulee and my fiance had the raspberry souffle. His was perfectly light and airy, but since I am not a huge raspberry fan, my focus was on my creme broulee. My main fear was that the lavender taste would be too faint to be noticed, but no - this is one of the best desserts I've tasted. I very nearly licked the plate and though so full I felt I might burst, I would have eaten a second serving of it had I been given the choice. Absolutely perfect.

            The service was great and we didn't feel we were treated any different than the other patrons. I'd recommend Lavendou for RW very highly.

            1. My friend and I ate at Craft last night for RW. It was delicious, and a fantastic bargain at $35 - in part, because we got a ton of food. Serving the sides family-style meant that there was substantially more food than if the sides were pre-portioned on our plates. Also, the dishes were simple but very well executed - I could find very few flaws in the preparation. Here's what we had:

              round 1:
              fresh greens (ie, lettuce) with sherry vinaigrette and goat cheese
              heirloom tomato salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
              salmon rillette with black pepper crackers

              round 2:
              entrees were skate wing with roasted lemon - "roasted lemon" turned out to be a sweet lemon sauce, streaked judiciously on the plate. This dish was beautifully prepared - the skate was moist inside, and crisp along the edges. In addition to the sauce, it came with a few slices of sweet radish pickle that complemented the skate nicely. Very nice, although skate is not terribly flavorful. I think our other entree was better - scallops with mushroom jus. The scallops had a beautiful seared crust on the outside and were just this side of raw inside. Mushroom jus was understated, but tasty. These came with the following sides (all delicious):
              roasted baby vegetables (carrots, turnips, zucchini, broccolini, cippoline onions and asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes)
              roasted mushrooms (shiitake, oyster, porcini, maybe others?)
              potato gratin

              round 3: the Central Market 4th course
              crab risotto – this was the least impressive dish. If you’re limited in coupons, you might want to save them for another restaurant. The flavor of tarragon (not my favorite herb) was a bit overwhelming, and the flavor of crab was almost undetectable. Generous portion, though.

              round 4: dessert
              Berry shortcake (blue, rasp, black, goose and currants)
              Ice cream: one scoop of malt, and one scoop of strawberry & cream
              Cookies: chocolate/peanut butter sandwich (great with the malt ice cream), chocolate hazelnut biscotti, white chocolate macadamia nut, brownies

              round 5: caramel-coated popcorn with cashews.

              It was a lot of food, and almost all delicious. I thought a couple of things may have been too heavily salted for some people… but I liked it. The service was also top-notch – they were clearly running around like crazy, but there were no mistakes.

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              1. re: gavlist

                Thanks for the great review we would love to hear others.

                1. re: gavlist

                  Just wanted to add that I went to Craft last night and had a tremendous meal. The food was good, though the fourth course and the dessert was different from what gavlist had the night before. The service was excellent. We were there for almost two hours and had some really great food and an excellent bottle of wine. I've been wanting to try Craft for ages and I will most certainly be back.

                  1. re: sass

                    sass - what was your 4th course, and how was it? Was it worth the coupon, or would you second my suggestion (save the coupon for another restaurant)?

                  2. re: gavlist

                    There were 6 of us at Craft Monday night. Two in our party ordered the scallops and when the entrees were served there was a plate with 4 scallops ( two per person). My husband was one of the ones who ordered the scallops so I got to taste them. They were delicious, but 2 scallops seemed a little dinky for an entree portion. I had the braised short rib and it was also delicious. I was the only one who ordered that so there wasn't any question about how many servings were in that dish. Two in our party had the hanger steak andt they said that it was good but not great. The 6th person had the scate.

                    As mentioned above, everything was served family style and we felt that the portions for 6 were not as generous as we expected. The portions they delivered to our table would have been more adequate for 4. One of the people in our party asked for more vegetables and our server was very nice and brought more.

                    When we were ordering our server said that we should only give them 2 coupons since the portion of the crab risotto was large enough and that we should save our coupons for other restaurants. We gave him 3 coupons. The serving probably was the same size as if we had given him 2 coupons.

                    The service was great and we were there about 2-21/2 hours and were not rushed.

                    With all of the dishes we were served we were all pretty full- although we had room for the delicious caramel corn delivered at the end of our meal !

                    1. re: gavlist

                      We went to Craft tonight and Abacus last night.

                      I thought the mushrooms at Craft were very good. The scallops and roasted veggies were good, too. My companion enjoyed the hunger steak (though I think he should've ordered the short rib.)

                      We weren't impressed with salmon rillette at all. The appetizers were better at Abacus--they had a great crab cake with smoked bacon and their scallop was good, too. The bread was also better at Abacus.

                      The main dishes, dessert and service were better at Craft and overall, we would go back to Craft, but not to Abacus.

                    2. I'm posting my reviews on the Dallas Eats blog.. there are other too--both under the Preview Week blog entry and the more recent entry re: reviews.