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Aug 5, 2008 01:03 AM

The place formerly known as Nancy Puebla Restaurant

I've heard good things about this hole in the wall in Santa Ana, but its been renamed Guerreo's. The menu looks the same as before, but is the food still good? Has anybody tried it before and after and noticed any culinary changes?

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  1. On KCRW's food show, Puebla's had been called the best Mexican restaurant in Orange County and of course, I had to try it out only to find it had been replaced by a new owner and new restaurant called Pena's- I believe the third in as many years. It had been a strange week as every place I'd gone to had been shut down; I finally stopped leaving the office for fear that I'd go to another place for lunch only to find it too had been shut down.

    From what I tried, I think its fair to say that its lost the title of the best Mexican restaurant in Orange County. First visit, I tried the dishes that had been recommended for Nancy Puebla's, which probably wasn't very fair, and I probably wouldn't reorder those dishes again.

    But, I usually try to give a place a second shot before I write it off. This time, I let Pena's be Pena's and tried their specialty- cochinita pibrils, a pork dish marinated with bitter oranges and anchiote. This was much better, and probably one of the better cochinita pibrils you'll find in OC.