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Aug 5, 2008 12:51 AM

SE MI: Best Middle Eastern?

I've heard Al Ajamin in Dearborn has gone downhill. Any other cheap eat suggestions?

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  1. Pita Cafe in Oak Park is excellent, but no liquor.

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      Are there any that have liquor? The best can fluctuate on any given day, but I've had consistently outstanding results at Falafel House on Orchard Lake just south of Maple.

      1. re: Jim M

        Some of the LaShish restos had liquor. It remains to be seen if the Palm Palaces will. Their menu looks good, though--they have a few Moroccan items.

    2. Ike's on Van Dyke in Sterling Hgts was always very good. I have been in KY for 2 years now but I miss our lunches there.

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      1. Farmington Hills La Marsa has just expanded. The food is very good. One of the chef's from La Shish is the owner and operator. The service is friendly and attentive as well.

        1. I have worked in Dearborn for 20 years. My favorite is Al Ameer. I also like the new Ollie's on Ford Road.

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            I LOVE Al Ameer (on Ford). I work in Dearborn as well and for the money, I haven't been able to find anything I like better. Plus, you can get a small hummus with free bread (take-out) for four bucks. La Pita charges for their bread (although it is heavenly).

            You can get alcohol at La Pita, though.

            Once had a horrible waiter there who brought out the wrong sandwich to my friend. He threw the plate down on the table and said, "This is not what you order, but this is what I give you!" and then he stomped away. Then, he charged her for the sandwich he brought, which was more expensive. He was, to put it lightly, a jerk. However, it's the only bad experience I've had there. You can also sit outside there....

            I've not liked Ollie's as much, but it could be because I went when it first opened. I'll need to try it again sometime.

            Anita's in Ferndale is decent, but I find the shwarma better at Al Ameer and La Pita. You can also sit outside at Anita's, which is always a plus!

            Grape Leaves in Troy (in the strip mall where Whole Foods is - Maple/Coolidge) is pretty decent, as well, but they don't serve the soft, pillowy bread that I love.

            Dearborn's Shatilla Bakery (on Warren) is absolute heaven and I can't even think about it without drooling.

            Also: Mr. Kabob in Berkley is pretty good, too, if you just want takeout and don't mind getting it in a gas station. There's always coupons in the little 'Save' booklets that come in the mail, too....

          2. Anita's Kitchen in Ferndale. Beer and wine too.