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SE MI: Best Middle Eastern?

I've heard Al Ajamin in Dearborn has gone downhill. Any other cheap eat suggestions?

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  1. Pita Cafe in Oak Park is excellent, but no liquor.

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      Are there any that have liquor? The best can fluctuate on any given day, but I've had consistently outstanding results at Falafel House on Orchard Lake just south of Maple.

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        Some of the LaShish restos had liquor. It remains to be seen if the Palm Palaces will. Their menu looks good, though--they have a few Moroccan items.

    2. Ike's on Van Dyke in Sterling Hgts was always very good. I have been in KY for 2 years now but I miss our lunches there.

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      1. Farmington Hills La Marsa has just expanded. The food is very good. One of the chef's from La Shish is the owner and operator. The service is friendly and attentive as well.

        1. I have worked in Dearborn for 20 years. My favorite is Al Ameer. http://www.alameerrestaurant.com/ I also like the new Ollie's on Ford Road. http://events.detnews.com/dearborn-mi...

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            I LOVE Al Ameer (on Ford). I work in Dearborn as well and for the money, I haven't been able to find anything I like better. Plus, you can get a small hummus with free bread (take-out) for four bucks. La Pita charges for their bread (although it is heavenly).

            You can get alcohol at La Pita, though.

            Once had a horrible waiter there who brought out the wrong sandwich to my friend. He threw the plate down on the table and said, "This is not what you order, but this is what I give you!" and then he stomped away. Then, he charged her for the sandwich he brought, which was more expensive. He was, to put it lightly, a jerk. However, it's the only bad experience I've had there. You can also sit outside there....

            I've not liked Ollie's as much, but it could be because I went when it first opened. I'll need to try it again sometime.

            Anita's in Ferndale is decent, but I find the shwarma better at Al Ameer and La Pita. You can also sit outside at Anita's, which is always a plus!

            Grape Leaves in Troy (in the strip mall where Whole Foods is - Maple/Coolidge) is pretty decent, as well, but they don't serve the soft, pillowy bread that I love.

            Dearborn's Shatilla Bakery (on Warren) is absolute heaven and I can't even think about it without drooling.

            Also: Mr. Kabob in Berkley is pretty good, too, if you just want takeout and don't mind getting it in a gas station. There's always coupons in the little 'Save' booklets that come in the mail, too....

          2. Anita's Kitchen in Ferndale. Beer and wine too.

            1. Personally my favorite is Pars in Farmington Hills on Orchard lake just passed 13 mile. But my personal favorite is Persian and it's the only Persian restaurant I've found in Michigan.

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                Is Pars expensive? How's Persian different from the usual Middle Eastern cuisine?

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                  Persian is more stews and Kabobs (sans the skewer used to cook the kabob). Seasoning is light but when prepared right the kabobs melt in your mouth. Very very tender. Persian rice is one of my favorites it's basmati but prepared differently than the Indian variety. Usually large portions of food. It's hard to explain but it's quite a bit different than you typical Mediterranean/Middle Eastern found in Michigan. Pars is also the only Persian restaurant I've found in Michigan in the last 10 years. I usually have to head to Toronto or Chicago to get it prior to their opening. Persian is the prevailing Middle Eastern cuisine I was exposed to in California before coming to Michigan. I am sure there was other Middle Eastern fare to be had in California but Persian could be found without looking. Similar to the Middle Eastern food in Michigan it's easy to find here but it's usually Swarma and hummus etc. Which is not bad mind you just different than what I prefer.

                  I recommend

                  Barg Kabob
                  Tah Dig (crunchy rice appetizer not always available as it's a by product of making their rice)
                  Salad Sharazdi (spelling is not right Persian tomato cucumber onion salad with lemon juice)
                  Masht O'Kiar (cucumber mint yogurt similar to Tzadziki (spelling again) but it's not the same as the Greek equivelant)
                  Ghormeh Sabzi (a herb and lamb/beef (depends on where you get it) stew).

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                  I hope Pars lasts. That location has been practically a revolving door for restaurants since it was a Ground Round in the late 70's.

                  aliasrlm mentioned Mr. Kabob. Just down Coolidge is J's Kabob, inside Mr. J's liquor Store. Yes, it does lack ambience like Mr. Kabob, but the food is very good and also reasonable. I actually do prefer it to Mr. Kabob, as the chicken lemon rice soup seemed to lack flavor when I have had it.

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                    Where exactly is J's Kabob??? If it's further south, that'd be great since I'm in Ferndale. Would love to try it!

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                      Just south, Coolidge and Wiltshire. You wouldn't know it's there if you're just looking for J's, so be sure to look for the liquor store. Without looking at a map, I think it's just north of 11 Mile (I might be wrong) on the right-hand side if you're driving from 12 Mile.

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                        Just drove by an hour ago and it's north of 11 mile. Noticed it going north, but might have missed it going south as it seems to be set back a little.

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                          Great! Thanks so much. Looking forward to trying it! Anything in particular that's outstanding there?

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                            I've only had the chicken shawarma sandwich and the cream chop. Both are excellent. The hommous is good, but not distinctive from other places.

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                            Wiltshire is the next light north of Catalpa (11.5 mile) if you are coming up Coolidge. J's liquor store is on the northwest corner of the intersection, not to be confused with Mr. J's sports bar on the southwest corner (AFAIK, no middle eastern food there!).

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                        Pars closed =( No more Persian in Michigan

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                          I swear, that's a cursed location. Ground Round was there for a bit, then Tirami Su, a deli, Pars, which I thought would make it, and now it's Ram's Horn. So many places around that corner (Orchard Lake and 13 Mile) have basically been there for years and years, and that single location can't keep tenants for too long.

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                            Let us hope Ram's Horn doesn't last either....

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                              If it's run like the one that used to be at Novi Road and 14 Mile, which I think left to go in the above location, it won't.

                    2. I second Al Ameer's (the one on Warren). The one on Ford Rd. is in the family, but I haven't eaten there. Also second Ollie's. New Yasmeen Bakery on Warren is also good.

                      1. Pita Cafe is excellent, as is Jerusalem Gardens in A2, and if you don't mind cafeteria style mostly baked stuff, New Yasmeen on Warren in Dearborn is IMHO the very best in terms of flavors. everything made with love, especially the Za'atar pita bread pizza-type thingys.

                        1. Two of my new favorites are La Saj on Schoenner (Clinton Township?) and Mezza Grill in Royal Oak. The garlic sauce at La Saj is soooo good. So is everything else, but the garlic sauce is new and different. Mezza Grill in Royal Oak has chicken kafta, which is dynamite.

                          607 Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46383

                          La Saj
                          13776 Southcove Dr, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

                          1. Park Grill on Kercheval in GPP.