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Aug 5, 2008 12:48 AM

London: Lunch/Dinner - Same Menu, Different Price

Zafferano offers the exact same menu for lunch and dinner service, but lunch is at a discount: £40 for four courses vs. £55.
Do any other top restaurants offer the same deal?

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  1. Quite a relevant post for me as I've been looking at (relative) lunch bargains for top restaurants recently. Ive even been to Zafferano for lunch but was being treated so didnt pay attention!
    I know of plenty of good restaurants do set lunches which are considerably cheaper (£20 - £30/head think Maze, L'Anima, the Nobu Berkeley even does a Bento and of course pretty much anywhere on square meal in the best for set lunches category) but i have never seen the exact menu repeated at such a generous discount!
    some places i do know do set lunches with a better choice that are very good value - hibiscus (£25 for lunch, £70 for the tasting menu which is a now meagre £5 cheaper than at dinner), and i walked past club gascon the other day who call it the 'dejuner club' and 3 courses are £28 - with quite a lot of choice (although not as much as the full a la carte).
    I would love to find more places that do a discount as big as Zaffareno as well though if anyone else is listening...

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      The Ledbury (1 michelin star) does 3 course weekday lunches for £24.50 - see When I went there for dinner 3 courses for 2 (admittedly with wine and champagne) came to £250 so it is quite a bargain.

      Gourmet Chick

    2. We found many good deals in London through Toptable. There's plenty of information on special menus.

      1. Thanks all for your responses, but I am already aware of the many excellent lunch deals about town.
        What I really wanted to find out was whether there were other restos out there with Zafferano-esque pricing.

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          whilst not quite as overt as zafferano's lunch/dinner pricing policy foliage does exactly the same thing :
          tasting menu : lunch £55 with wine tasting £34 , dinner £75 with wine tasting £56 (exactly the same menu )
          But the real bargain is the lunch it is ALMOST exactly the same vast menu where as dinner where you choose 4 courses but the price is £29 , a little of the wording of the is ever so sightly different but they are actually the same courses , and for dinner it costs £60 .
          We have been here for lunch several times , it is an absolute bargain .T he room is a trifle bland , the food certainly is not . They are also very accommodating of our little one , which is a pleasant change in this city .

          1. re: food.snob

            There was no mention of Foliage in your thread Food Snob , i was merely replying to that .
            From a separate thread though i really like the sound of Aaya you have just recommended , i dont know how that place had fallen under my radar so thanks for that , ill give it a go !

            1. re: millema

              Sorry, my visit to Foliage came much after that post...
              And I am afraid, I cannot take credit for Aaya, it was actually DollyDagger that recommended that, one!
              (But regarding that post, I have had disappointing experiences at both Umu and Nobu...)

              1. re: food.snob

                Regarding Zafferano - one thing i was caught out on once with the full a la carte menu at a reduced lunch price is that is does not apply at weekends .

                1. re: millema

                  Personally, I did not like the way that the canapes of salami, parmesan and focaccia cost £15 and you do not know about it until the bill arrives. That eliminates any lunch/dinner differential saving on its own!

                  In terms of Italian, River Cafe and Locanda Locatelli get my vote at the moment...

                  1. re: millema

                    I do like Locanda Locatelli a lot , but the effort involved in obtaining a reservation saps the life out of me . But then that is a product of its success . Plus , i find my total bill at Locanda far in excess of the bill at Zafferano , yet the quality is pretty much a tie . I would say Locanda has a more exciting decor but theres something homely about Zafferano .
                    Incidentally my family and I are going to give Aaya a try tomorrow , though Andy Hayler only gives it 3/10 and he is usually on the money . Sometimes modern restaurants are not quite his thing .
                    Anyway I couldnt help but fall for the current 50 % off deal !

                    1. re: millema

                      I know what you mean about Zaffs. I had a very pleasing visit in July, followed by a very poor one in late August.
                      I prefer LL to RC for pastas, but RC wins on desserts.
                      Mains are both quite good. At LL, my favourite main has been sardines and panzanella, whilst at RC, a whole Dover sole roasted in a wood-oven. Both so good.

                      3/10 is not too bad, considering that on Andy's scale, 6 is Michelin cooking. Look at the Indians he reviews, they are at their best, about 4s; and he really likes curry by the looks of it.
                      But exactly, 50% off, cannot go wrong (look forward to hearing how it goes, btw).

                      1. re: food.snob

                        I know youre specifically interested in restaurants that offer the same menu at different prices at different times rather than places that just offer decent lunch deals but i have to mention (though im sure its been said elsewhere 1,000 times before )the brilliant bargain daytime dim sum menu at hakkasan as compared to their astronomic evening a la carte menu . I wont mention absolute numbers but the difference is in multpiles ! Plus you can take your time , as theres no pressure to get the next herd in , the service is very friendly , especially to our 2 year old . For me the standard of dim sum is quite a bit better than Royal China (which i also like ) but the service and beauty of the room is infinitesimally times superior than Royal China .

                        1. re: millema

                          Cheers, Millema.
                          I have heard about the dim sum there before, but I appreciate the reminder. Hakkasan is on 'my list'.
                          Another dim sum joint that gets talked about a lot is Yauatcha...
                          Keep the recommendations coming though, it is always nice to know about other people's actual experiences!