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Has anyone been to NY BBQ on La Brea? I pass it all the time but I don't know anything about it. I was driving home yesterday after picking up Phillips and passed by it and was wondering if it is any good. Would appreciate any input. TIA

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  1. I have been, had the brisket sandwich, memphis style with slaw, mac & cheese and greens. I liked it, not my first choice, I like J&J and Phillips & Tasty Que, but it was good, sauce was a little thick and just a little sweet. I need to try the beef and pork ribs, maybe this week.

    1. Yes. I used to work around the corner from there and ate at Greece often. Great lil' bbq place with great quality control. It's not easy to be consistent in the bbq business, and Mr. Greece was.
      NY BBQ is the new owner and still makes damn fine Q. I've been there once or twice since the change and it was still solid.

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        Greece's was awesome in it's own way. Greece, himself, had the most erratic hours of any restaurant I have ever witnessed. Sometimes he'd open late in the afternoon and closer later at night. His cue was good. And the smoke from the smoker filled the entire tiny hut. NY BBQ is a notch below, but still good.

      2. The 3-meats dinner that I had was good. Hot Links just ok but the Pork and Beef Ribs were good. The Briscuit sample was primo so I returned for a Briscuit Dinner - so good! I was wondering though is it BRISCUIT or BRISKET?



        1. The one time I went, the service was would have been comically bad if it weren't so incompetently maddening. The brisket sandwich I received was horribly dried out and covered with bbq sauce that was pasty, like clotted blood consistency. Horrific experience so bad that I took up the owner's offer for a refund and left after eating three or four bites. Will never go back.

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            Wow, the couple of times that I went the clearish juice dripped off of the Brisket as they sliced it off of the large piece! Really, it did and it was properly exposed to the wood, smoke ring and all. Not melt in your mouth but quite tender as it should be. Now I'm worried that when I go back the Brisket will suck, just like most of the other popular places on this board.

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              Food wise, I might have hit an off day. I'll give you that.

              I'm not going back because of the poor handling of my order. It takes 40 minutes to make the worst brisket sandwich ever? Srsly?

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                For some odd reason, of all the great cue places I've been to in LA, whether the cue is good or bad it always takes a lengthy amount of time for the cue to be served up even though all they have to do is get the ribs and slice them and pour the sauce over it.

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                  Yea, I understand but I didn't experience a long wait either. I hope that my past experiences are what I find when I return, if my experiences had been what you experienced - I wouldn't return either!

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                The one time I went, it was beyond comically bad. It took at least 40 minutes to serve already-prepared food, during which time the owner nearly had a nervous breakdown, at one point said she didn't think she would ever be able to get us our food, then changed her mind while screaming at her helper.
                The food was fine, but I don't think I have the nerves for that kind of experience again.

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                  Just to help you all in your hours of Q-need, had lunch at Porky's on Manchester. That place knocks me out`- never had a less than exceptional meat dish there. The rib tips I had for lunch were sensational. They were the best I've ever had. And their sauce is just dandy. The one thing there that hasn't impressed me ( and I guess I'm in the minority) is their fabled Golden Bird fried chicken - but that's not Q. I'll take Honey's Kettle Chicken any time.

                  1. re: Jeryy

                    Jeryy, what was the reason you didn't like the chicken at Porky's? I wish the crust weren't quite so thick, but it's tasty, and I've always found juicy, tender bird underneath.

              3. Have been 3 times. Twice the brisket was awesome, with that thin ring of fat around the edges, tasty, juicy, delicious. Once it was dry and bad and no thin ring. If I remember correctly, collards and cole slaw very good.

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                  Yes, the greens were fantastic. Only had the one-side dih lunch special.

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                    Tasted the links, the brisket, etc. Clustereff service, but only 1 owner/operator, so perfectly understandable.

                    Definitely smokey, surely better than Lucille's / Baby Blue / Spring Street Q, etc. but not a destination joint.

                2. Their brisket is excellent. It's a great takeout or catering place.

                  1. Disclaimer: I love Bar B Q. I find most good, better, best.
                    When Bar B Q is best, probably no better taste sensation. Enough said.
                    I recently moved to 90036 area, and found NY BBQ. I love it. When the brisket is great, there's nothing like it. So incredibly tender, it cuts with that flimsy plastic fork. Not too much fat, just enough to keep it juicy, (I LOVE juicy meat), dribbling down my chin. This brisket is Heaven.

                    I hadn't eaten brisket in 30 years, the last being my grandmother's. I swear, hers was so awful, like an anvil, a dry flavorless anvil. This brisket is 180 degrees around, I didn't realize brisket could taste so good. I'm not even a real meat eater, mostly pork and chicken.

                    I've been to NY BBQ maybe 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Great each and every time. And, I can walk over. I hear they're going to start delivery this week.
                    During the next few weeks I'll try the baby back pork ribs and the other sides. BTW, the mac & cheese and coleslaw I had were first rate. But, the brisket could've been my last meal; I'd have died with a smile.....

                    1. I decided to try this place since BigMista's wasn't an option and I've been meaning to try it. I ordrered the 2 way combo with Beef ribs and pork ribs, with beans and mac n cheese. When I got home I was shocked to see only 3 small baby back ribs and one beef rib! The baby backs were solid, and the beef rib was real good but not quite great. There wasn't that much meat on the beef rib, nor the baby backs. The sauce was pretty good, even though they don't have a hot sauce option (what kind of Q place doesn't?!). The sides were both very good; I really liked the mac n cheese. The cornbread was smushed and sub par (I've made better from grocery store mixes).

                      Overall, the food was pretty good, but I feel absolutely ripped off. $18 for a 2 way combo that doesn't even fill you up?! Unreal. If I paid $9 for this meal, I'd be pretty happy.

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                      1. re: mdpilam

                        I have a lower opinion of NY BBQ, mdpilam. I've been there only once but can't convince myself to give them another chance, because the food was so decidedly middlin', and life is too short to eat boring BBQ. Everything was competently prepared, nothing disgusting, but neither was it delicious or interesting. About the only thing I can remember a few months later is the lousy parking. I wasn't as concerned as you were about portion size, because I tried a little of everything to give them a good chance but wound up donating more than half to a homeless person in front of a nearby convenience store. Before returning to NY BBQ, I'd drive all the way from Los Angeles to Blake's in Anaheim for really good baby backs, pulled pork, beans, and corn on the cob. It isn't that NY BBQ is THAT bad, but Beachwood, Big Mista (my favorite), Blake's, Bludso's, Boneyard Bistro (most B's except Baby Blues ;-), Kansas City BBQ, Zeke's in Montrose (I don't know the other one), and even the revamped Gus's, now that I've been there a few times, are so much better. Compared to NY BBQ, I also prefer the best of the small chains like Wood Ranch and Lucille's.

                        I came back from a long road trip this summer to Texas, the South, and other BBQ-friendly confines with a somewhat higher opinion of our best local Q and a real disdain for the worst. NY BBQ isn't at the bottom of the heap, but, to my taste, it's below the clear gap separating bad from good.

                        NY BBQ
                        901 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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                          Somebody told me this place was good, but I said that I can't trust a name like "NY BBQ". I've never had good BBQ in NY. It reminds me of those Pace Hot Sauce commercials "NEW YORK CITY?"

                          Kansas City? Texas? Memphis? Those are BBQ locations I would trust in a name. Sounds like I am not missing much though.

                          1. re: Harry Nile

                            Yeah, I figured I'd give them a shot since I've been to most of the above, and already have a Top 3 (and BigMista's was not an option). Oh well, live and learn.