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Aug 4, 2008 08:05 PM

PARIS LAS VEGAS breakfust buffet

Can anyone tell me if it's THAT great. We're visiting Las Vegas in two weeks, but staying at the Mandalay. Is it worth the schlep in a cab for the Paris's buffet? We're from Los Angeles, by the way. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I'd say it's not worth a cab ride. We've eaten at the Paris buffet a few times but we're usually staying within walking distance and to be honest we like it because we find it a value for breakfast. It's hard to have a sit down breakfast on the strip for less than what Paris charges($13 last time we were there but that was last spring). The food is good quality(the crepes aer quite good especially). We're not buffet eaters typiclly so we just go in have our coffee, some juice, some eggs, potatoes and sausage or a crepe with some meat. Without partaking in normal buffet style we feel like we get our money's worth.

    The Four Seasons at Mandalay is supposed to have a good breakfast. You're probably better off there without making the trip up the strip...

    1. I agree with ziggylu. I thought it was decent, but not worth a special trip. It's not a buffet, but the nearby Verandah (at Four Seasons) serves an excellent, albeit expensive, breakfast.

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      1. It's pretty good. As someone else said, great crêpes. It's pretty easy to get there without cabbing... you can take a tram from Mandalay down to Excalibur, and then hop the monorail across the street at MGM Grand down to the Paris. Or, there's always the Deuce, which runs up and down the Strip 24/7, $2 each way or $5 for an all-day pass.

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          Over the past few years the buffet has declined in quality. Dishes originally were prepared in small batches and replenished as needed. Now menu items are prepared in large batches and kept warm until served. In addition, many of the more expensive ingredients/entrees such as asparagus have been eliminated.

        2. I was not impressed with it. If you're set on having a buffet in the morning I'd suggest Bally's Sterling Brunch. It's $75 and Sundays only but you get unlimited Perrier Jouet, caviar, lamb and lobster.

          Though better, non-buffet choices for about the same price would be Bouchon or Tableau.

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            I heard t hat the Creperie in Paris is worth the ham and cheese, eggs or nutella crepe with a cafe au lait. True? We were going to do breakfast there and at the Venetian/Bellagio Cafes (bakeries) with a good European coffee (cafe, cappucino, etc). Do these places have eggs too?

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              The Creperie at Paris is just a litte window where you walk up and order, they make your crepe, you look for somewhere to sit and eat it. No eggs, other than what may be in any of the crepes. I have absolutely no idea whether you can get your coffee from them or if you have to get it at one of the other places around there such as Lenotre or the other bakery whose name eludes me. The crepe we tried (a dessert one) was very good.

              Not exactly sure which places you mean by the Venetian and Bellagio cafes/bakeries. Jean-Philippe Patisserie at Bellagio has crepes, not sure if any have eggs in them, but again, no egg dishes per se. You can get coffee drinks there, I'm almost 100% sure. There are a few little tables at the end of the hallway but sitting and eating is kind of catch as catch can.

              1. re: Debbie W

                Thanks Debbie. Do you think these spots are good if we want to take it "to go" then instead of lounging around?

                1. re: itryalot

                  Definitely. They're both primarily "to go" places.

          2. I was disappointed with the Breakfast buffet at the Paris. The crepes were good. I'll give them that but, the rest was overcooked, low on supply or canned. They had very few french type dishes to try and the ones they had were dried out and tasteless. All fruit was from a can except the strawberries. This one really disappointed me because all great buffets I've been too the fruit options were out of this world.

            And it wasn't like we were there at a bad time. We ate around 8:30am. Not too early or late

            Not worth the cab ride.