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English tea for lunch near Bower Musuem

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Need recs for english tea for lunch before heading to the Bower for the terra cotta soldiers...if not english tea something like "the wild artichoke"...chow-worthy food with nice place to enjoy conversation before heading to museum.

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  1. The McCharles House in Tustin might fit the bill. It's been years, but I hosted a baby shower there and the food & service were both solid. www.mccharleshouse.com/home.html

    1. In the city of Orange, near the traffic circle is a place that does English tea, not sure of the name, but it is in an old Victorian home. Very nice.

      1. I think McCharles House is no longer open regular hours.

        In Orange, try Somewhere in Time or Victorian Manor... both tea rooms on Glassell.

        If it were me, I would just have a lovely courtyard lunch at Tangata at the Bowers. It's decent California fare by the Patina Group. There's also Green Parrot Cafe, almost directly accrooss the street from Bowers -- a chef-owned California spot with another nice courtyard setting.