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Aug 4, 2008 07:51 PM

Crampton's Market in Wpg - locavore delight

Has anybody else been to this great market? I did a search and there's been no mention of it on the boards.
We came across Cramptons one day on the way to the St. Norbert Farmer's Market. I had seen this little place by the driving range at the corner of Kenaston/Bishop Grandin and Waverly before and thought I'd check it out because there wasn't anything specific I needed at the Farmer's Market. I had kind of been expecting one of those 'fresh fruit' shacks, but I was blown away by this place once I got inside. There was tons of fresh produce, a dairy section, a meat section, ready-to-eat stuff, snacks and a full bakery which made it smell amazing.
They have done some serious research into local producers and have fantasic stuff produced in Manitoba - tons of local produce, New Bothwell and Oak Island cheese, bison and elk meat, local berkshire pork, jams and condiments and THE BEST cinnamon buns in the city that have been warm and dripping with melted butter every time I've got them. The only time I've ever been to the shop is Saturday mornings, so maybe that's the time to go!

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  1. I've heard such good things about it, and seen that it carries interesting stuff, like morels in the spring, but I haven't stopped yet. Guess I'll plan to after the Farmer's Market on Saturday, if it's as good as you say. Is the produce better and/or cheaper than what you see at St. Norbert?

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      It's usually around the same price. The quality is overall really good, but it depends of the specific crop - I bought some peas in the pod a month ago that looked a little tired but still tasted great. I found garlic and gooseberries before I saw them at St Norbert. So it's not necessarily cheaper or better, but sometimes they have different stuff.
      They also carry hothouse produce - the Ste. Anne tomatoes and cucumbers that you don't always see at St Norbert and other large but local producers like Vita eggs, New Bothwell cheese, that kind of thing. They also have non-MB fruit like peaches and limes and cherries. What I like about it is that it's this tiny little perfect supermarket that has all the stuff you need with an emphasis (but not dogmatic devotion to) local food.

      And I think they have a gelati window open in the evenings.

    2. I live very near Crampton's, but haven't been there for years. We've never been big shoppers there--I find their stuff to be over-priced and would rather shop at St. Norbert's Farmer's Market. Of course, now that Pembina Valley Meats is gone from the Market, I may not go to St. Norbert's as often...

      Fort Whyte Center also has a small farmer's market a couple of days a week. When we went they didn't have very much available (too early in the season), and it's a bit expensive, but the market helps support a great program. They also produce honey and free-range chickens. It's separate from the visitor's centre, so you don't need to pay an entry fee to shop at the market.