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Aug 4, 2008 07:44 PM

xlb calgary

after reading fmeds reviews i want to try them,anyone know of any in the city.

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  1. I haven't seen them here. Although we do dim sum quite often we do tend to stick to the same places so I don't want to imply I've covered all of the possibilities in town.

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      Howlin - try Peking Garden, who have the best xlb i've found in the city. They arent great, a touch too much ginger, not enough soup half the time, and skins are too thick, but they are passable. I think it's only available on weekends, but don't quote me on that.


      Just for your own reference, if you havent seen them, it's likely because XLB have to be ordered. The issue is they can't really handle sitting around for very long after being steamed. As they cool, the skins get very rubbery, and the soup reintegrates back into the filling. Thought you might want to know.

    2. Interestingly enough, I was just at Regency Palace for Dim Sum on Sunday. I noticed that they actually had XLB in the carts they were pushing around. And surprisingly, they were fairly decent. The skin wasn't too thick, they were tasty, although, as yen states, there was only a little bit of soup in the bottom of the dumpling since it re-integrates into the filling.

      I still have to try some in Vancouver before I can say what they are like in comparision, and I have not tried Peking Garden.

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        Well, i stand corrected then :) I had never seen any place push them around. I guess i was wrong!

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          The Regency XLB are ok, and certainly not the best I've had. I'd suggest if going to order from a server. Hopefully you'll get them straight from the kitchen rather than waiting for the cart to come around.

          1. The best ones I've had in Calgary were at dim sum at Forbidden City in the NE... but I'd imagine that they pale in comparison to what can be had in vancouver

            1. Well, I'm an expert at scoping out what other people are eating but I haven't seen them on tables either.

              I really didn't have much to offer the OP but a bump, felt sorry for the message as it slid down the list. ;-) Glad you got some leads.

              1. thanxs for the posts,its too bad van gets all the good stuff .calgary should get some of the glory too.but we have nothing ,no mexican no good seafood ,no good xlb,thats the final indignity,i have no choice but to rellease the monkeys.(kids in the hall thing)

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                  Release the monkeys if you must but then go out there, try the places mentioned and find the best. I expect a report on my desk on Monday morning!

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                    Middle Eastern in Calgary,high and low end, is better than in Vancouver. West Indian is better in Calgary though it's thin in both places, Pizza is better in Calgary.

                    Vancouver isn't exactly swimming in Mexican either. I write this from Walla Walla and trust me Canada is the joke of the planet for Mexican when Mexico is so close and so many Mexicans are moving to western Canada.