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Aug 4, 2008 07:21 PM

Faidley's Fried or Broiled for Tourist

So I got an email from a friend who's friend is visiting bmore. I think he lives within a couple of hhrs of detroit. from pakistan perhaps. my friend is from pakistan and the md/dc burbs. asked me for good ccakes in the inner harbor area. lol she asked what else is there to do in bmore besides drink and see the inner harbor/aquarium. anyway is it the broiled crabcakes that are considered good at Faidley's? that is the broiled jumbo lump cakes?

i also suggested berger cookies at lex mkt. i read about rhea's on here but did not suggest it. lol i'm probably more excited about the vacation than he is.

ooo i get so excited when i get to suggestt hings to do in bmore.

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  1. They have several grades, I like the one just below jumbo called backfin, broiled.

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      Seconded! That's also what I get. But the jumbo is just as good if not better (though pricier).

    2. Well, if it means anything at all, we are Pakistani and we always get the broiled jumbo lump crabcakes with a roll (comes with lettuce/tomato). Then we slather (is that a word?) on their delicious cocktail and tartar sauces and chow down. Usually we like things spicy and what not like most Pakistanis, but when something tastes this yummy, its goodness cannot be denied.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. The lump BROILED on a ROLL with TARTAR Sauce is my favorite. BEST CRAB CAKES. Little to NO FILLER.
          Berger cookies- DIABETIC CRISIS= they are excellent....