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Aug 4, 2008 06:47 PM

Best Maple Cremee in Vermont?

Well... important question... It's something you cannot miss if you come to Vermont... But where is the BEST maple cremee in Vermont?!
People seem to agree that it needs to be made of real maple syrup, rather than flavoring... but it's tough to know where is the best.. some sugarhouses have maple cremees which don't taste much, and some regular cremee stands have great ones (with real syrup)... So until someone organizes a real maple cremee competition, I am relying on your feedback to give me some ideas about the best place...
Here is what I already found:
- Maynard's on rte 100 between Waitsfield and Moretown
- Bragg Farm, Route 14 North, East Montpelier
- Strafford Organic Dairy farm
- Dakin Farm in Ferrisburgh on Route 7
- Morse Farm, on County Road, outside Montpelier
- and the very ordinary Simply Subs on Main Street, Barre, which actually has great, great taste and can easily compete with Morse Farm, surprisingly! I hope they continue to put lots of syrup in their cremee!

What do you think? PS: I am preparing an article on the subject for our website/blog...

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  1. I don't have much experience with maple cremees because my husband doesn't care much for maple in general (I know, I know). I really like the ones I get at the Tunbridge World's Fair, though. :)

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    1. re: Morganna

      Thanks for the tip! It's a good idea...

    2. No contest - Morse Farm in Montpeculiar. In fact, we're going there tomorrow! Besides, the surroundings sure surpass Simply subs...

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      1. re: Injun Joe

        I agree with you, the surroundings at Morse Farm definitely surpass downtown Barre... I talk about them in my article... but living in Barre, it's great to know you can be lazy (avoid the drive) and still enjoy a nice maple cremee!

      2. I am fond of Bragg Farm.