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fresh sardines

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Where can I get fresh sardines here on or near the eastern shore of MD.

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  1. I have gotten them at Black Salt fish market. Better call first, because they don{t always have them.

    1. I've seen fresh sardines stacked up at Nick's in the Cross Street Market. I just finished posting an unrelated reply (about Nick's) to another Chowhound request for local seafood markets.

      1. I'm also looking for fresh sardines. I called the market and they don't carry them. The person I talked did not have a good handle on English. Maybe visiting in person would make a difference.

        1. I am pretty certain A&H Market in Bethesda always carries them.

          I also would think that you could pick them up at Maine Avenue.

          1. Southern Maryland Seafood - the fish stall at Eastern Market - has them fairly often.

            The Market will close for a few days in June while they move back into the newly restored historic building which burned in 2007. Hooray! Can't wait.
            So call first before going over there.

            1. The Main Avenue Fish Market (1100 Maine St SW) often has fresh anchovies. If not there are smelt or some other nice fresh small fish. Well worth the trip.