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Aug 4, 2008 06:44 PM

fresh sardines

Where can I get fresh sardines here on or near the eastern shore of MD.

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  1. I have gotten them at Black Salt fish market. Better call first, because they don{t always have them.

    1. I've seen fresh sardines stacked up at Nick's in the Cross Street Market. I just finished posting an unrelated reply (about Nick's) to another Chowhound request for local seafood markets.

      1. I'm also looking for fresh sardines. I called the market and they don't carry them. The person I talked did not have a good handle on English. Maybe visiting in person would make a difference.

        1. I am pretty certain A&H Market in Bethesda always carries them.

          I also would think that you could pick them up at Maine Avenue.

          1. Southern Maryland Seafood - the fish stall at Eastern Market - has them fairly often.

            The Market will close for a few days in June while they move back into the newly restored historic building which burned in 2007. Hooray! Can't wait.
            So call first before going over there.