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Aug 4, 2008 06:42 PM

great steak in Missoula?

A few years back, I stumbled on a great little restaurant in a back alley in Missoula. I had the hands down very best steak ever at this place. I have done some Googling around and came up with nothing.

Does this ring a bell? It was long and narrow and had at least one exposed brick wall if memory serves.

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  1. Was it Curley's Broiler by any chance?

    I am flying down from alaska tomorrow to visit my daughter at college and she wants dad to take her out for a good steak. Any suggestions would be appreciated. An email would be appreciated!

    1. It was probably Red Bird, based on your description. They're not in the alley anymore, but they still make a mean steak. Check them out at

      Red Bird
      Missoula, MT, Missoula, MT

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        I have always had great meals, steaks included at Sean Kelly's Public House.
        They have a unique menu, daily specials and make just about everything from scratch.
        Always a friendly and professional staff.

      2. Sounds like the Old Post to me. Main entrance on a main street. But nice back alley presence too. Long narrow and brick walls. Bar on the right if you're coming in from the alley. Heads straight forward. I've had beer and a dinner there, never tried their steaks so can't say for certain but that's what comes to mind.

        1. Alley Cat? I believe that is where Red Bird went into. It was a great little restaurant back in the 90's