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Aug 4, 2008 06:34 PM

Chop-a-Nosh Expanding into Gourmet Glatt

Confirmed: Chop-a-Nosh will be taking over the take-out concession in Gourmet Glatt. Their Central Avenue store will still be open. Will the Five Towns finally have a true one-stop shopping experience?

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  1. funny, when I posted this the thread was taken down.

    I am kind of shocked that the store is staying open, I can only assume it is because they have to cook there.

    1. >>Will the Five Towns finally have a true one-stop shopping experience?

      I find that I can buy anything that I need from Brachs. Is there anything that Gourmet Glatt has that Brachs does not have?

      There is one "shopping experience" that Gourmet Glatt has that Brachs does not have - parking meters - I have had the "experience" of coming to my car at Gourmet Glatt to find a ticket on my car for expired meter. That is one "experience" that one will not get when shopping at Brachs.

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      1. re: MartyB

        I usually shop at Brachs, but the meat section in Gourmet Glatt is so superior to Brachs, I don't mind putting a couple of quarters in the meter when I do a large meat purchase

        1. re: MartyB

          I agree MartyB. Brachs has had the one stop status for a long time.

          Appetizing Counter......Check

          I don't believe I am missing anything but I will continue to shop at Brachs. I like the sushi at Gourmet, but Zomicks and Chap a nosh are at the bottom of my list.

        2. Does anyone know, is Chap a Nosh already selling their take out food at Gourmet Glatt? If not, when do they expect to be operating from GG?

          1. I am curious, I always found Chap-a-Nosh to be extreemely expensive (especially compared to Brachs takeout). Will they be lowering their prices when they move into Gourmet in order to make Gourmet Glatt more competive compared to Brachs?

            1. I love that Brach's has ample parking and a little more room to navigate in the produce aisle, but I always seem to need 1 or 2 things that they don't carry. Also, I am going to agree with Berel that the meat at Gourmet Glatt is far, far superior to Brach's. The only beef I will buy at Brach's is ground beef.
              Also, the past few weeks I have noticed that Brach's has raised its prices to the point where it is no longer cheaper to shop there. The one exception is produce, which I find cheaper and superior to Gourmet.
              As for the meters, I keep a roll of quarters in my car and when in doubt, I always put in one extra. I am proud to say that having grown up and lived here for over 30 years, I can count on one hand the # of parking tix I've received. I never understand why ppl complain about this.

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              1. re: websterhall1994

                I'LL have to agree about the produce, it's cheaper at Brachs

                1. re: websterhall1994

                  Webster Hall,

                  You don't understand why people complain about having to waste money and risk getting an expensive parking ticket just for the privilege of shopping in a supermarket? Wow. I've lived in several communities and I've traveled around the country quite extensively and I've never heard of having to feed a parking meter just to shop at a supermarket in suberbia, other than Gourmet Glatt and Supersol. And the Meter Nazis (not my term, but everybody's term) in Cedarhurst are unforgiving... they lay in wait until that meter clicks, after which the ticket is promptly written. Though generally I prefer the aesthetics (but not some of the loud and unruly cashiers) of Gourmet Glatt to Brach's more "heimishe" atmosphere of boxes strewn arround, I fear those parking meters like the plague. Gourmet Glatt meters are FREE on Sunday with no time limit, which is when I prefer to shop there; I don't like the idea of shopping, spotting some new or interesting product, and then wondering if I have enough time on the meter.

                  Gourmet Glatt has a customer price-scanner near the frozen foods, and it used to actually work... but it hasn't for several months. Everyone raves about Gourmet Glatt's meat; we've had some excellent cuts from Brach's (especially the Rib Roast, which is always excellent there), but the pepper steak at Brach's has always been horrible; I don't know about the pepper steak at Gourmet Glatt or Supersol. Supersol seems to always have the lowest price on chicken cutlets; other than that, I don't understand why anybody shops there since the store isn't nearly as nice as Gourmet Glatt, the prices don't seem any better than Gourmet Glatt or Brach's, and the parking meters are even worse than the ones at Gourmet Glatt... I believe the Supersol meters operate 24/7! I actually prefer Kosher World in Far Rock (which nobody seems to mention) to Supersol... crossing the street with a shopping cart in that neighborhood is a trully authentic and exhilarating New York experience, and there are no parking meters in the lot!

                  I hope that the new Glatt Kingdom has free parking; it looks like it will. We shall see what the selection and prices are like, and what happens to the other kosher supermarkets, as well as to Bagel Island, directly across the street. (I read on this forum that Glatt Kingdom is supposed to be offering bagels and pizza, as does Bagel Island.)

                  1. re: midasgold

                    You are right; Brach's meat prices lately are on the high side. It’s gotten to the point that I would buy my chickens, in quantity, from Supersol WHEN they have it on sale. If I need meat I would go to Brooklyn to Pick-N-Pay. In fact I had to go to Brooklyn this past Sunday so I stopped in there and bought a load of rib steaks at $6.99lb! - contrast that with the $10+/lb that all the stores in the 5 towns are charging. I understand that Pick-N-Pay delivers to the 5 towns; I will have to inquire what additional costs are involved, although I usually like to pick out my meats. I however have issues with chickens and chicken cutlets. Pick-N-Pay was charging $3.69 for the chicken cutlets, but they had really beautifully packaged ones for $3.99 that I decided to spring for.

                    Since I don't shop for meat on a weekly basis I still give the nod to Brachs. Hopefully when Glatt Kosher Kingdom opens it will put preasure on Brachs to lower their meat prices.

                    1. re: midasgold

                      Though I certainly understand and agree with you that one should not have to feed a meter to shop, let's accept the fact that the meters are there to stay. What I don't understand is why you are upset about getting ticketed when your meter expires. That one extra quarter when you park can save you $25 later on.
                      And By the way, I stopped buying roasts at Brach when I found the biggest, fattest, hollowest vein running the length of my $60 brick roast ($13.49/lb).