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Aug 4, 2008 06:33 PM

New Smyrna Beach restaurants

I am going to New Smyrna with my parents for the next couple days and was hoping to have some great restaurant suggestions from all you out there.... maybe a great place to have lunch by the water and a good steakhouse for night? What are some suggestions to take my good ole' parents? :)

Thanks!!! :)
Jenny R

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  1. New Smyrna Beach restaurants have been heavily reported on this board. A quick search on the Florida board should provide all the info you need. Some great places, can hardly wait until Nov. when I return for the winter.

    1. Being a new resident from a large city.... I have had a really rough time finding anything good to say about eating out in NSB. Theirs really only one place I would recommend and that's the Spanish River Grill. Otherwise its all frozen steaks, fried seafood, and bad pasta. In this category I would warily try out JB's, Breakers, Flagler Tavern, it really doesn't matter its all the same food service nonsense. However a few places that I have went more than once:
      Ruthie's- its on canal across us-1, for breakfast..this place is the real deal central florida..the food is average but the people are great.
      Lil Neals-absolutely authentic southern style bbq, get the ribs and fried okra for sure, skip the pulled pork.
      Check the other boards, their are a lot of rec's, I've tried most of them and almost all of them will never see me again. But hey, everything else about NSB is awesome....well most everything else. Im hard to please.