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Aug 4, 2008 06:07 PM

local produce in atlanta

If one should happen to miss the Saturday morning market in Va. Highlands or other places, can you get locally grown produce during the week? Any midweek markets or stores that stock it?

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  1. There is a small produce stand near the corner of Roswell Road and Midvale (one block south of where Wieuca crosses Roswell Road). The gentleman sells there every day during the week and always has a good selection.

    On a larger scale, I'm not sure that it is all locally grown, but I know that I always find excellent produce at the Dekalb Farmers Market (3000 E. Ponce De Leon, Decatur). My understanding is that they bring it in multiple times during the week straight from the producers to ensure freshness.

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      Most of the produce at the Dekalb market is shipped in.

    2. Whole Foods has pretty prominent signs displaying local produce.

      1. Check out the website

        Apparently, there is a market in Decatur on Wednesdays from 4-7

        1. There's another guy who sells produce off of Maple Drive in Buckhead, just off of Peachtree Road (right across from PetSmart). Have many of my Atlanta native friends who swear by his produce. Have not been to check the source myself. Have heard that the quality has slipped at the Dekalb Famers Market (think there were some additional postings on this site - check it out). Moore Farms now does a veggie drop at a couple of Cooks Warehouses, which could be another option for getting some organically grown local produce. Let us know what you find!