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Aug 4, 2008 06:07 PM

Copenhagen - any tips?

I'm heading to Copenhagen for 4 nights next week, and know virtually nothing about the city's dining scene? Anyone have some tips for some good quality casual bistros or restaurants?

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  1. Well, there is plenty to explore: Noma, The Paul, Paustian, etc. Amazing modern nordic cuisine...

    1. For a very delightful lunch try Ida Davidsen. They serve a huge variety of open face sandwiches that are both wonderful to eat and to look at. The people there are very freindly, speak excellent English, and provide first rate service. The prices, for Copenhagen, are not bad. The sole vegetarian in my group loved the cheese based sandwiches and told me that the waiter clearly pointed out the many vegatarian ones that they had. Be sure to make reservations as we saw a lot of people without reservations being turned away at the door.

      Restaurant Ida Davidsen
      Store Kongensgade 70
      DK-1264, Copenhagen
      Tel: 453391 3655

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        I thought Ida Davidsen closed in August.

        So, check first before you go.

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          I thought Ida Davidsen closed in August.

          So, check first before you go.

        2. Noma is one of the hottest places in europe to eat right now. Formel B and Geranium are also meant to be good

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Have just returned, and can report that Ida Davidsen is very much still open. I had a lunch there which wasn't too bad, but the real finds of my trip were:

              * Les Trois Cochons
              * Den Anden
              * Vespa
              * Cofoco
              * Luns Restaurant

              Copenhagen can be a terrifying expensive place to eat, but the above restaurants all offered outstanding meals at tolerable prices - compared to some of the more renowned places like Noma, Paustian, Geranium or Formel B. I'm sure those places are amazing, but you'll need to take out a bank loan to pay the bill.

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                I just returned from a weekend trip to Copenhagen and on the recommendation of a Danish friend went to Les Trois Cochons. We had a great meal with each dish being very well executed. I don't think it's particularly somewhere you'd go to for food that is new and innovative but the flavors and quality were all spot on. Just an fyi, it's a prix-fixe menu (about 280kr pp). You don't have a choice of starter or dessert (chef's choice) but you choose your main. Each main required a 2 person minimum which meant that my partner and I had to order the same thing. A bit ridiculous, especially since none of the mains (salmon, duck confit and entrecote) were complicated enough to neccessitate a 2 order minimum.

                We also went to Cafe Gavlen (Ryesgade 1, 2200 Kgh N, tel: 35 37 02 37) for brunch. Brunch was a simple affair: rye bread topped with cheese, fried eggs and bacon with a salad. However, it was excellent. The bacon was to die for and a thousand times better than the Niman's Ranch bacon I've had (which I also think is fantastic.) Definitely worth a stop for brunch (they are not open in the evenings.)

                One last mention, Temple Bar (Nørrebrogade 48) was a perfect spot for a late night drink. Cool, laid back, slightly edgy with a very friendly staff. We stopped by for a quiet cup of tea in the afternoon too. Super chill, it's on my list for the next time I go back!