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Aug 4, 2008 05:50 PM

A few Cape Cod Questions

We really liked Sundae School in Harwich Port last summer. I see from the website that the Sundae Schools in Dennisport and East Orleans apparently have the same ownership. Are they all equally good?

Approximately a million years ago, I used to really like the Lobster Pot in Ptown for chowder, steamers and steamed lobster. I never went looking for anything fancier and I was always happy. I see now that the reviews for Lobster Pot are very mixed. Would you consider it reliably good for the clambake type foods I described? That is, has the food gotten worse or is it just not the place for high falutin fish with sauce? If we want great chowder/steamers/lobsters after a whale watch with our 6 year old, where would you suggest instead? Patio and Mews etc, sound wonderful, but probably not the right thing that evening. Pepe's? Clem & Ursies?

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  1. We have never had much luck in P-Town eating with the kids. If you are heading back towards Wellfleet, I would stop at Moby Dick's right on route 6.

    1. I just got back from P-town and was very disappointed by Clem and Ursies. I used to love it, but things have changed. Their menu is paired down and they have table (booth) service. The clam chowder tasted like warm milk and the lobster roll was just not good. The Lobster Pot is probably still good for chowder, steamers and lobster (though I haven't been in a while except to hit the raw bar). I agree that Moby Dick's would be a great choice, especially with kids. Arnold's is also great, but the lines are usually long. There's a new place on the wharf in Ptown -- Townsend's Wharf. I haven't eaten there, but it looks promising. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of down and dirty lobster bake type places in town.

      1. I would go to Pepe's. The food is solid and the view/action on the beach is fun for kids. We like the upstairs bar or patio.