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Aug 4, 2008 05:07 PM

Da Emma--HELP

Does Da Emma have a limited menu on a nightly basis? I need a restaurant for 12 people that has at least 4 or 5 selections in each category for the meal.

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  1. Last time I was there, there was both a table d'hote and a quite interesting menu. I think your party would have enough items to choose from.

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      Emma is usually accommodating. If there is anything you would like her to prepare for your group, why not call ahead or drop by. I used to frequently use the back room for private meetings of 12-20 attendees.

      The menu is not very long, but usually has enough to satisfy most diners. Despite it being on a chaulk board, only about a third of the menu may change by season, or for daily specials.

      If you get a chance, her lasagna is the best I have eaten. The roasted salmon is simple and delicious. The linguine with porcini is a bit oily for my taste, and the roast lamb shank is substantial and worth ordering.

      Watch the wine list, there are a few fair priced good bottles, if you know them. Yet, most of the list focuses on the high end, high priced bottles.