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Aug 4, 2008 04:29 PM

Jersey shore restaurant recommendations

looking for restaurants in mid--Jersey shore-Deal area.

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  1. The Chocolate Soda is yummy and has great service. It is like an old fashioned dairy diner and everything down to grilled cheese sandwiches and malteds are great. Dougies is Dougies. Mazanobeh is a good pasta place, flavorful dishes. A bit slow on the service. There is a meat place on the oceanfront drag, Ocean Blvd. I think it is called Ocean 656. Not sure if it's worth the money.

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      Did any shore restaurants open or close in the past year?

    2. I really like Back to Nature in Allenhurst. The soups are good and the food is delicious. Also was at Chang Mao recently. My wife was very pleased, while it was OK by me. Check out the website for the list under seupervision.