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Aug 4, 2008 04:09 PM

No. Mass. Pubs & Restaurants

Greetings, Foodies and Gastronomes- Can anyone give any recommendations regarding pubs (yes, fine beer can be a gastronomical delight) and restaurants in the northern MA area, especially Woburn, Andover and points in all four directions of the compass? Can we get a list going??? - Thanks a lot!

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  1. The new Lowell Beer Works is my current favorite. I've been 3 times so far:

    1. Bowl of chili and 1/2 sandwich of the day - Back Bay IPA
    2. Haddock Sandwich (excellent) - Fenway Pale Ale
    3. Mexicali Chicken Sandwich (spicy and excellent) - Victory White Ale (so far my favorite)

    All of the foods were delicious, as were the beers.

    The nice thing is that there are several more items on the menu that I would like to try. Usually, I settle on one item, but so far everything is great.

    The location is that of the old Brewery Exchange. The difference is that Beer Works is great.

    1. I guess your northern MA and my northern MA are different cause I am way out in the Berkshires, but if you ever get over to this corner of the state, you must hit Ye Old Forge, try some of their award-winning wings and one of the nearly 300 different beers available. I myself am not a beer drinker but my boyfriend drinks nothing but and this is his favorite spot because he never drinks the same thing twice.

      The Pittsfield Brew Works is only about 15 minutes beyond the Forge and they brew their own very strong beer. Good stuff, I'm told.