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Aug 4, 2008 03:50 PM

Going to Melisse for 1 year anniversary

I've decided to celebrate my 1st year wedding anniversary with the mrs at Melisse tomorrow. I know alot of people will recommend the carte blanche menu, which I will get. How much does this tasting menu cost? And how many courses does this menu consists of?

Im quite excited as the mrs has been wanting to try Melisse for some time now and this is going to be a surprise for her.

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  1. I believe the tasting menu is $120. I *think* it is four courses - every time we go, we do the wine pairings, so my memory is always fuzzy by the end of the evening! I can tell you that we have never left for under $400. That is usually with both of us having the tasting menu with wine. Sometimes I have done the wine pairings and my husband has done his own thing. I think the wine supplement is $70. Also, you should be prepared that sometimes they offer food supplements, such as truffles, which incur an extra cost.

    The food is amazing and while you will have a fine meal either way, the tasting menu sort of turns it into a food "experience" as opposed to just having a meal, and for that reason, I really prefer that route while at Melisse.

    Enjoy!! What a fabulous gift!

    1. The number of courses and price will vary for the Carte Blanche Menu, but expect 12-14 course and at approx. $175+/person (without wine pairing).

      You should call ahead and ask -- not just to figure out details, but to make any special requests that you might have.

      Enjoy and happy anniversary.

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        Thanks for the reply. I already made reservations since last week, I told the girl who took the reservations down that im celebrating an anniversary but she kinda shrugged it off without saying "we'll make it special for you" etc. Unlike Alex in Las Vegas which is also a 2 star on the michelin guide.