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Aug 4, 2008 03:25 PM

Cheez Whiz Cheesesteaks?

I used to go to pennsylvania a couple of times a year and I would always eat at this cheesesteak place that used cheez whiz for the cheese. It might sound strange but it is AMAZING! I seriously dream about them! Does anyone know any places in the bay area or sacramento area that do a cheez whiz cheesesteak?

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  1. Hi... I've never encountered one in Sac. But if you're looking for just a good cheesesteak sand., I would recommend Sam's Sub Shop (on Fulton Ave., between El Camino and Marconi). I get the sandwich w/mushrooms. It comes w/lettuce, tomatoe and I add mayo. Their bread is good and soft, but not too soft. They use american cheese, I think, so it's like creamy, cheesy steak.