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Aug 4, 2008 03:25 PM

Cheez Whiz Cheesesteaks?

I used to go to pennsylvania a couple of times a year and I would always eat at this cheesesteak place that used cheez whiz for the cheese. It might sound strange but it is AMAZING! I seriously dream about them! Does anyone know any places in the bay area or sacramento area that do a cheez whiz cheesesteak?

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  1. Cheese Steak Shop in Berkeley (and elsewhere) has cheez whiz, although as I recall you have to ask about it. I don't think it is on the menu. In Berkeley there are even photos of Gino's and Pat's on the wall.

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      It is NOT on the menu at the Berkeley Cheese Steak Shop. (Have no idea if it's available "under the counter.") The Cheese Steak places in the Bay Area are independent franchises and quality (unexpectedly) varies from place to place. But the cheese steaks in the Berkeley shop are excellent. It's hard for me to see why anyone would want to screw them up by squirting cheese whiz on one. That's like putting Velveeta on a hot pastrami and cheese sandwich. I ate a lot of cheese steaks in Philadelphia and King of Prussia back in the '70s and never had one made with cheese whiz. But I do know that several places made them that way. Bad idea.

    2. Try Jersey Joe's on El Camino in San Carlos

      Jersey Joe's Hoagies
      21 El Camino Real, San Carlos, CA 94070

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        So I finally had my cheez wiz cheesesteak. I went to Jersey Joe's this weekend and it was great! It was almost perfect, I just wished they used different rolls. I'll try the cheese steak shop next, but I was very happy with Jersey Joe's...

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          Hey, if Cheese Steak Shop can't hook you up with wiz, they serve a plain (no cheese) version, which means you can finish the job yourself if you take it home.

          If you're craving the other famous Pennsylvania sandwich, the Pittsburgh-style "all in one", there's a place called Giordano Bros. on Columbus in North Beach (SF), that specializes in 'em - owned by a guy from Pittsburgh. They're good. Really good. If I lived closer to them, it could be a problem.

          1. re: Agent 510

            Is this the kind with fries on the sandwich?

          2. re: angie2210

            I asked for a cheez wiz steak once at the Oakland Cheese Steak Shop and they said that I could get the wiz on the side but not on the sandwich which I thought was a bit odd. The Cheese Steak shop gives you less meat than Jersey Joe's IMO but they also use Amoroso rolls that they apparently get shipped from Philly. I prefer them slightly over the Jersey Joe's rolls which can be sometimes a little too chewy. Jersey Joe's steaks are great too though, especially with cheez wiz (or "cheese sauce" as they call it).

            1. re: angie2210

              I agree with Mr Happy. I was born and raised in Philly and the Cheese Steak shop and Jersey Joe's are the closest that I've come to real Philly cheesesteaks.

              I've actually stopped going to the Cheese Steak shop, though (I went to the one on Divis), because the meat portion was so meager that asking for double meat would still have left me hungry. Even if the rolls are better, a girl needs her meat. Jersey Joe's has a very good meat to roll ratio and they have whiz, even if they call it "cheese sauce."

              A warning on the sweet peppers, though. When I tried to order sweet peppers a few months back, the owner warned me that they're not the same peppers they serve in steak shops in Philly (should have a nice sweet pickled taste) but rather sweet bell peppers. Not to say that sweet bell peppers would taste bad, but it just doesn't bring back memories.

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                You guys didn't find JJ's cheesesteaks to be underseasoned? I ate there for the first time a couple weeks ago, and was surprised that I actually needed to add salt to my cheesesteak (wit Provolone & sweet peppers). And I'm not the sort that likes to add salt to anything I eat.....

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            1. In SF check out Jake's Steaks in the Marina.

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                jakes is amazing cheesesteaks with cheese wiz...

              2. Just had one the other day at Amato's on Saratoga Ave in San Jose. I liked it, though it was a little bland. But I'm no expert and Philly cheesesteaks.