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Aug 4, 2008 03:08 PM

ISO Focaccia Robiola

Does anyone know a pizzeria in Los Angeles that does a take on Ciro Verdi's Focaccia Robiola?

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  1. Hey Bob, could you tell us or describe this focaccia, I know if you are looking for it, I would also enjoy it. Ciao

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      I haven't found anybody in LA that makes anything similar. I would be interested in finding somebody who does.

      Burger Boy, Ciro's robiola focaccia is basically a pizza. He blind bakes the focaccia dough that has been rolled into the thickness and shape of a pizza crust, then thinly slices in the bread in half (butterflies it)... he then spreads robiola cheese on the bottom crust, covers the pizza back up with the top crust, places it back in the wood burning oven to warm through and then drizzles with truffle oil.

      Think of it like a grilled cheese with robiola, only the bread is a focaccia pizza crust on the top and bottom.

      1. re: Hobsons Choice

        So, can i get these delivered by midnight my time. Call Vito, he needs to put this on the menu. Where is Ciro's? TY

        1. re: Burger Boy

          Probably not by midnight.... the restaurant, Da Ciro, is in Manhattan.

      2. re: Burger Boy

        Well, here's a link to the recipe by Ciro on Food Network. I'm so tempted to take it to Vito, but I'd be concerned that he might take it the wrong way...