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Aug 4, 2008 03:03 PM

Take away for picnic in Prospect Park

Looking for suggestions on where to go for good n' fresh picnic food to take to a concert at the Bandstand in Prospect Park. We're visiting 'Hounds from San Francisco, so street addresses will also be helpful.

Also, interested to hear lunch suggestions in the Boerum/Cobble/Carroll Gardens neighborhoods.

Thank you!

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  1. I'd stop in to Union Market on 7th Ave between 12th and 13th Streets. Nice prepared salads, meats, fish, good breads, and a nice assortment of desserts. Just a few blocks from the bandshell. Enjoy!

    1. Union Market is a great suggestion; I dare you to resist their rotisserie chicken! Not very elegant finger food, but very delicious.

      You can also grab a couple of savory pies from The Pie Shop, located on the corner of Prospect Park West and 16th Street. The pies are about the size of your palm, so they're easy to snack on! The shepherd and steak & mushroom are favorites of mine.

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      1. Grab on 7th ave/15th st has a pretty good cheese and cured meat selection, if that's your thing, as well as some choice tap beers (go for Sixpoint, a local microbrew only available on tap) to take away in growlers (basically a jug).
        I'll second the Pie Shop as another good option. the curry vegetable and minced meat and cheese are my favorites. it's also super close to the Bandshell

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          I recommend Second Helpings on 9th St near 7th Ave. It's a block from the band shell and they have a wide variety of tasty & healthy prepared foods and picnic packages. I used to live down the street and ate there alot.

        2. You will have to open bags at the gate, so make sure you read the restrictions on what you can bring in. Glass bottles are a no-no (as are coolers, I believe)! Now there must surely be several clever ways of getting "contraband" in, but I'm sure I wouldn't know what they are...

          1. Depending where you are coming from ... we often pick up a middle-eastern spread for Celebrate Brooklyn concerts at Sahadi on Atlantic Avenue between Court St. and Clinton St (Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights area). There's a great preapred foods counter in the rear of the store. Now, I would never do this, but some people bring wine into the bandshell area in a green plastic ginger ale bottle ;-) I believe they sell beer inside the gate.

            For lunch in Carroll Gardens check out Ferdinando's Focacceria on Union Street between Hicks St. and Columbia St. You won't be sorry! Another great spot in Carroll Gardens is Frankie's 457 on Court Street near 4th Place.