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Aug 4, 2008 03:02 PM

Olympics Opening Ceremony menu: what are you making?

We always watch the Olympics opening ceremony with friends who like to match the menu to the country where it's being held. Even though we have several Chinese places near us (across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco), we are making our own dinner. So far the menu includes:

Potstickers and dumplings (frozen from a place in SF)

Chinese barbeque-style ribs

Cold Tossed Noodles with Chicken, Cucumber and Spicy Sauce
(here's the recipe from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Spinach with sesame

other vegetable dish (still deciding



Dessert (jury is still out - any thoughts?)

Chinese beer, wine, champagne, Diet Coke

Thought it would be fun to hear what people are making...

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  1. Dessert: In my experience, the most authentic Chinese dessert is fresh fruit. (And I just read in the New York Times that mangoes are a symbol of Mao.) But you could also get tasty pastries from a Chinese bakery.

    I always liked Almond Dofu (nice with fruit), which you can make from a packet, but it's the kind of slippery, gelatinous dessert that not everyone likes.

    1. It's on at like 7 am or something like that here, so probably pancakes or scrambled eggs! I'm at a loss to think of any Chinese breakfast foods, though I suppose those would be more appropriate.

      1. If you want to make it true to the place of event, then you should make Peking cuisine! (as Chinese BBQ ribs and spinach with sesame aren't really peking dishes)

        You can cheat by getting some roast duck, slice it thin and serve it with Chinese pancake (crepes), scallions, cucumber, and hoisin sauce - Peking duck it is!

        Stir fried lamb with leek is also a classic peking dish.

        Scallion pancakes or chive pancakes are nice too. If you can get some ;Chinese sesame pancakes, then serve them with the lamb as people like to stuff the pancakes with meat.

        Dessert is tricky because peking style desserts tend to be very hard to make. Perhaps the easiest is to get some sweet buns with red bean fillings in Chinese bakery.

        1. for your other veggie dish, how about szechuan chinese green beans

          or garlic eggplant

          for dessert
          chinese rice pudding or eight treasure pudding

          sesame balls

          new year's cake

          water chestnut cake

          1. I was going to post some recipe links but they've all been blocked......