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Aug 4, 2008 02:51 PM

Pierogi? [DFW]

I'm searching for packaged pierogi that I can take home and cook, anywhere in the D/FW area. Making them myself is currently out of the question, as I have a broken arm.

Does anyone know where I can get some potato & cheese pierogi?

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  1. For You and European Deli in Plano carries it. Their food is pretty good.

    Let us know if you go out there. Maybe we can have lunch :-)

    1. I have seen the frozen kind at several of the area grocery stores.

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        I recently bought some at the Dallas Farmers Market. I believe the lady selling them is in shed 1 (the shed that is being remodeled). She sells a number of varieties along with sauce.

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          She sells them under the name Baltic Cafe. She's there on Sat. and Sun. (maybe Fri. also) just down from the jewelry stands in the shed with a roof. I've been buying them for months. They come frozen and are very reasonably priced. My MIL (of Ukrainian background) likes them as much as her own. I also sent some friends there who said they were as good as the ones their son in Chicago made. The cabbage rolls are great also. I'd been trying these all over town and was delighted to find this lady.

      2. European Market and Deli in the Forest and 75 shopping center has good frozen pierogi. They carry a brand that is from Chicago. You can also eat there so you can try the pierogi before you buy. They also have a ton of great Polish condiments and candy. It is as close to eating true Polish food that I can find in Dallas.
        European Market and Deli
        11613 N Central Expy Ste 1118
        Dallas, TX 75243
        Phone: 214-696-5441

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          Actually European Deli on Parker and Alma in Plano is a full service Deli and Polish restaraunt. Full sit down menu service.

        2. Try Euro-Market & Deli at the South West corner of Forest Lane and Central Expwy.
          Also, Central Market in Dallas or Plano.