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Aug 4, 2008 02:41 PM

A decent baguette in Connecticut

Hi all,

I'm picky about my baguettes. I hate it when they're essentially Italian bread stretched out into a different shape and passed off as that which they are not.

I like my baguettes light and airy - with a shattering crust and some flavor.

La Petite France in Stafford Springs makes a decent one, but I want to know about other places, too, particularly places relatively nearby to Hartford.


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  1. Good Luck - It seems central CT is a wasteland for good baguette. Ovens of France in Woodbury makes wonderful baguettes, but it is not always conveneint to get there. I will be watching other responses - anyone???

    1. The best baguettes Ive had in Conn. are a bit of a haul for you - Judie's on Grove Street in New Haven. It's not a classic baguette, really, but it sure is delicious with a rich flavor, soft lacy inside and salty crunchy outside.

      Judie's sells at some of the health food stores around the area, so maybe you can call to ask if they deliver to your area. Judie's also had a mail-order business when it was in Branford years ago. Not sure if that's still the case, but worth checking into.

      1. Pattiserie du Glace on Main Street in Deep River is one of those rare pastry shops where everything actually TASTES as good as it looks. I highly recommend it!

        1. Nowhere near you...

          Belgique in Kent makes a very good baguette. (Or someone provides it to them who makes a very good one).