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Aug 4, 2008 02:39 PM

Gran Gusto tonight!

Hey all!

We have one more spot open for an 8pm dinner at Gran Gusto tonight. If you're interested, email me asap at

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    1. re: Joanie

      What we ordered: Beef carpaccio on bed of arugula dressed w/lemon & oil, 2 Margherita pizzas, asparagus & gorgonzola risotto, salad spec'l of arugula, crimini mushrooms w/garlicky evoo dressing, potato gnocchetti al forno served w/tomato & mozzarella. Bottle of dry white wine - pinot gris or sauv blanc - help me out here tablemates. Started w/nice basket of plain & herbed bread slices w/dipping plate of evoo. Really liked the carpaccio, spec'l salad, gnocchetti tomato sauce, pizza. Couldn't really taste gorgonzola, more like just butter & thought the ris could have been cooked a little more, but others may disagree. Gnocchetti were certainly not the pillow-soft variety found at Hungry Mother or Grotto - actually quite firm & chewy. Service was fine. Altho' I found the place loud(no soft surfaces), I was pleased to see the atttractive Tuscan-like decor. My prior impression from previously posts was of an obscure, bare bone storefront. I would definitely go back & try some of the entrees & spec'ls. Fairly busy at 8pm with a table full of native Italians next to us. Rest of the hounds can fill in more details.

      1. re: Taralli

        Thanks for the report! I was there recently and ordered a basic pasta with tomato meat sauce, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. It was the best pasta dish I've had in probably 10 years.

        1. re: Taralli

          Porcini mushrooms in the special salad. We had a bottle of the pinot grigio they pour by the glass ($26). I didn't find the gnocci *too* chewy--they weren't ethereal puffs, but they certainly weren't the sinkers you usually get, and the sauce was great. I thought the risotto was spot on for texture but wouldn't order that particular version again--it was fine but once is enough thanks. Overall, a very good meal and I'll be back.

          1. re: Taralli

            Your comments about the risotto and the gnocchi reminded me of a recent conversation with friends who lived in Naples for several years. Apparently, Neapolitans make a distinction between "al dente" and "al dente Americano,"--which is considerably softer/cooked longer.

            Glad your experience was positive!

        2. oops! i think i've only reported on one restaurant so far from the original list... i'll have to work on this...

          the pizza margherita was great. best i've had in boston and most similar to da michele's in naples that i've found in the states.

          liked both the risotto and the gnocchi. the gnocchi was better than hungry mother's IMO probably because it was more similar to my italian grandmother's hearty home-maders.

          i got both the ricotta pie and tiramisu to go and loved the ricotta pie.