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Aug 4, 2008 02:31 PM

Dinners in Downtown Montreal?

I am in downtown Montreal for the week (while my husband attends a conference). Under normal circumstances, I would have done a little restaurant research ahead of time, but that didn't happen before this trip... Chowhound searches have turned up plenty of lunch options, but I'm looking for more dinner choices. My limitations are that we are staying downtown, near McGill University sans car, I'm pregnant and not up for walking more than, say, a mile for my dinner, and we don't want to break the bank (say entrees <$30). Other than that, we love food: meat, veggie, ethnic, burgers- whatever's good (since this is my first trip to Canada, extra point for local specialties).

Oh, and we're totally up for figuring out the Metro transit system for a not-close-enough-to-walk, but too good to miss restaurant.

Thanks in advance! (And apologies if I missed threads that answered my questions.)

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  1. There are quite a few choices downtown Montreal, where should I start?! Here are a few that will fit your budget, in no particular order:
    1- Takara for sushi (1455 Peel St, Montréal - Tel: (514) 849-9796) - definetely better than Sho-Dan
    2- Pino for Italian (
    )3- Mesa 14 for Mexican (1425, Bishop St; Tel: 514.284.0344)
    4- The Keg for steaks (5 Place Ville-Marie, Tel: (514) 868-1999) - more expensive

    Personally, I think that the restaurants worth taking the subway for are:
    1- Ouzeri for traditional Greek (not the fast food stuff) - 4690 Saint-Denis St., Tel:(514) 845-1336)
    2- Lemeac for French - - expensive, but they have a $22 special for after 10 pm dining
    3- Pied de Cochon for Quebecois/French - - expensive, but oh, so worth it!!
    4- L'Inconnu ( - more expensive, but they have a $35 special for early dining (5:30 to 7 pm


    Please keep in mind that people in Montreal love to go to restaurants so no matter where you go, it is best to make a reservation ahead of time.

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      APDC is not as expensive as people think unless you over indulge in foie gras. You can do a main along with either dessert or an app (bear un mind portions are pretty big) and either a beer on tap or a glass of wine for arounf $50.

    2. My votes go to Cafe Ferreira and/or Cavalli on Peel Street, Le Mas des Oliviers on Bishop.

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        I definitely agree with Ferreira. I have not been to Cavalli. I went to Le Mas des Oliviers once, a couple of years ago; I thought the food was terrible (don't remember the details now).

      2. Rebeccabeagle, don't forget the option of a cab. They are easy to flag down (usually!) and there are many fine places you can take a $10 cab ride to without much problem.

        Boustan is a very easy metro ride away (lebanese, great shish taouk ie chicken pita, and very very cheap, and delicious). This is a nice option because then you can splurge on a night at APDC or Cafe Ferreira! Also, if you like really spicy Asian, Tapioca the is also close by metro, lots of szechuan peppercorns and chilis. Again, cheaper food choice. You could walk to both, but I don't know if you'd be up for it with the pregnancy. But if you take a lot of breaks, you walk right through prime shopping areas.

        Jean-Talon Market would be a very easy metro ride to Jean-Talon Metro and there is tonnes of great food there. Alep or Petit Alep does really special Syrian food, the spicing is fabulous.

        Hope you are going for Smoked meat somewhere! Quite Montreal. It is on St Laurent. It is very easy to take a bus from the St. Laurent metro, take the 55 bus (St. Laurent bus). Also if you want to get to the bagel places (Fairmount and St. Viateur) you can take the 80 bus (Parc bus) from Place des Arts Metro, veyr easy and frequent. Both of these buses get you into very cool places to walk around and find local restos and bistros. Lemeac is close to Parc and Laurier corner.

        Have fun!