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Aug 4, 2008 02:13 PM

Best rabbit dish in Manhattan

I've been having quite the rabbit craving lately... what's your take on the best dish serving up our furry friends in Manhattan? Bonus points for non-pasta based dishes...

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  1. Early this year at Ouest: Roasted leg & grilled loin w/ roasted garlic capellini and mushrooms in a light mushroom broth. Best rabbitt dish I've had in a long time.

    1. REMI in midtown did a pretty darn good rabbit dish as I recall. Northern Italian cuisine.

      1. Roasted rabbit with garlic, white wine, potatoes and rosemary at La Grolla (Amsterdam & 80th) may not be the best dish in town, but it's very satisfying.

        1. My partner had the rabbit at Olana tonight, and it was a wow. But even better is the rabbit with snails I had at Picholine. I can't imagine anything better.

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            Sorry for mentioning a pasta dish, but I always get a craving fot the Rabbit Ragout at I Trulli on E. 27th St.

          2. Wow thanks all. This sounds great, post labor day I'll be up to my ears in rabbit goodness.

            Does anyone find it interesting that most of the restaurants serving quality rabbit that you've mentioned are located midtown and north? Is rabbit seen as "stodgy" and not downtown "hip?" Perhaps game is something we'll see more of south of Houston soon? Just a thought...

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              If you want cold rabbit, I had an excellent rabbit and artichoke terrine at Bar Milano, as part of their 4-course Restaurant Week menu. (Not sure if it's on their regular menu though.) They get the prize for the best, and most generous, RW meal I had this summer.

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                Good rabbit terrine at Bar Boulud, too.

              2. re: Skookum

                Fuzhou Restaurant at 1 East Broadway in Chinatown - in the place formerly occupied by Goodies serves "Rabbit with Foo Chow Sauce" for $9.95.