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Aug 4, 2008 02:05 PM

Shishito peppers...grilled, fried, etc. Who else serves them besides Alembic?

looking for shishito peppers served as either an appetizer or side or prominently featured another way -- but love them grilled with sea salt... I know they have them at Alembic on Haight. Anywhere else?


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  1. ok i found a few places... are shishito's seasonal? if so when?

    these places have shishito peppers on the menu:






    Any others?

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      During summer and fall, shishito peppers are quite common at Japanese restaurants and sushi bars. Often a free treat from the sushi chef. Couldn't point you to anywhere particular though. You could also buy some by the pound at a Japanese market and grill them at home in a dry skillet, then sprinkle with sea salt.

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        Don't kill me if I'm wrong but I think I had them at Sapoten on Clement St. in San Francisco. They were skewered and grilled with a touch of salt. It was the first time I've ever had it.

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          Tekka serves shisito peppers as part of the omakase menu.

        2. Delica rf-1 in the Ferry Building has an eggplant-shishito salad that is delicious. You can also buy them from Happy Quail Farm at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market.

          1. If you are in the East Bay, Quetzal sells them at the Berkeley Farmer's market.

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              Are shishito peppers and pimientos de padrón the same? I have been wondering...

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                  Not the same, and I picked up a few of both kinds of peppers (shishito and padron) at the Santa Rosa Farmer's Market (vet's building parking lot) this morning from a stand that I'm suddenly completely blanking on the name of...darnit...I'll have to go look it up now...but it's pretty much the only stand that ever has pimientos de padron at the SRFM. They are just now starting to come in.