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Aug 4, 2008 01:57 PM

Dallas to Houston I-45...where to eat?

I make this trip a couple of times a year, and I have no idea where to stop. I don't want barbecue...any suggestions?
It's lunch I'll be needing. Thanks a bunch!

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  1. A can't miss stop is the Ranch house in Rice! Just north of Corsicana is the best comfort food on I-45. Try the onion rings and cheeseburger! You will love it!

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    1. re: Jpaul

      Thank you for the tip. I stopped there yesterday (Sun., Aug. 10), and the look of the place almost scared me windows, no customers. But once I got my plate, I was happy. Good, Southern-style vegetables (including from-scratch mashed potatoes) and buttermilk pie. I saw the onion rings come out for the other table of customers, so maybe next time. Again, thanks!

      1. re: Jpaul

        My husband and one of his colleagues stopped at the Ranch House last night, and they loved it. He said the CFS, the fried okra, the mashed potatoes (which he described as "buttery"), the onion rings, and even the rolls were fabulous. They didn't have room for pie!