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Norwood Dinner

Taking the Amtrak up to Norwood for 2 nights next week for meetings - staying at the Four Points. Any suggestion for a good place for dinner? Not worried about price, but quality and good service. A nice bar would be good too.

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  1. Sorry for the repeated post

    1. One Bistro at your hotel ok bar food, can't comment on entree's. Good atmosphere. About 3 miles away is Coriander in the center of Sharon. And about 2 miles up Rt 1 is the new Wicked Boston Bistro which is newly renovated from the old breakfast joint and has outdoor seating as well as a lounge in the rear of the restaurant. I'd gamble on either of those for one of the nights. Sky has had to many ups and downs to recommend.

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      1. If you like Lebanese food (and belly dancing), Byblos is tasty. If you go on a weekend, be sure to get their raw kibbee.

        1. joe & maria's on route 1 and abbondonza on Washington St. both good Italian at reasonable price. Golden Abacus on Rt. 1 is decent Chinese and Bamboo on Rt. 1 in bordering Dedham is good.

          1. I second the recommendation for Byblos. Great food in a nice atmosphere.

            1. For good Thai: Siam Lotus just south of the 4-Points on Route 1. Excellent tempura soft shell crabs special when available. Nice quite bar.

              I also recommend Coriander Bistro in Sharon center. Solid French techniques and friendly service. No bar area, but a nice but small wine list.

              Italian: Bon Caldo also south of 4-Points on Rte 1 has good food and a fairly good Italian wine list. Bar area is usually very busy.

              Reasonable seafood, but not stellar is Finz in Dedham. The fish is very fresh. There is a bar area but I can't comment on bartender's drink making abilities. There's also a raw bar.

              Mai Place in Canton on Rte 138 has great sushi at reasonable prices and good Chinese. Small bar area, but not too nice, and of course a sushi bar.

              Bistro 712 in Norwood has gotten some good reviews on this board, but my one meal there a couple of years ago, was just ok. No bar area.

              Chiara Bistro in Westwood is another good bet for Mediterranean fare. Bar area is warm and inviting with small plates available.

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                I second the recomendation of Chiara - pricey but worth it. I'm not a big fan of Coriander, but haven't been there in a while. I also like Mint Cafe, a pan-Asian place in Norwood Center (across from byblos) -- I like the Korean entrees.

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                  I second the Mint Cafe recommendation. I am partial to the crazy noodle dish.
                  Also downtown Norwood is Napper Tandy's-Friendly neighborhood bar with decent pub food.

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                  Thanks for the Siam Lotus recommendation, BikeToEat. My friends and I ended up going there after Funway on Saturday. The softshell crab appetizer called out to my friends, so we got that. The Lemongrass Chicken was tasty and tender. Oh, and a neat thing is they serve their thai iced tea with the cream and sugar water on the side so you can fix it up to your personal taste!

                3. Davio's is now open at Foxborough Stadium about 5 miles away. I have enjoyed the Boston Davio's and look forward to this addition to our neighborhood.


                  1. Thank you all for the numerous recommendations!! Last time I was up there I ate at the bar in the hotel (which was OK for bar food), but that was last time......