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Aug 4, 2008 01:51 PM

Traveling from Atlanta to the Carolinas? You should try The Spotted Pig in Fair Play, SC

For those traveling north on 1-85 from Georgia to the Carolinas, I suggest that you take Exit 1 in SC and travel 4.5 miles north to the Spotted Pig for some of the best barbecue that I have had in recent years. Note: Only open Thursday - Saturday.

We travel this route several times a month from Atlanta to a second home in the Lake Toxaway/Cashiers area of North Carolina. This restaurant popped up recently and we decided to give it a shot.

It was fantastic! We had the pulled pork with onion rings, baked beans and slaw. All exceeded our expectations. The meat was tender and moist with very little visible fat. The three sauces - a regular smoky tomato-based sauce, a hotter version of the same, and an out of this world mustard based sauce - were some of the best I have ever tasted.

I don't like slaw with too much mayonnaise and this one was perfect for me. The onion rings were clearly homemade, perfectly battered, cooked to a dark brown and crunchy. The baked beans were dark and full of delicious flavor.

We got our food to go. It wasn't until two hours later when we sat down to eat that I really began to regret all of the menu items that we did not try. I cannot wait to get back to try the ribs and brisket. This is just how a barbecue restaurant should be - simple, family-owned, efficient and delicious.

Give it a try!

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  1. Thanks for the info - I go to Cashiers a good bit too - I'll try it next time. I can't think of where it is - I must have passed it several times...and I'm with you, no mayonnaise-y slaw!

    1. Ooo, that definitely sounds promising. And the location seems ideal for a meal stop on a scenic drive along Hwy 11. BBQ is the perfect trap to get my husband to go on a day trip. Thanks for the tip! ;)

      1. These post were from last year and a lot can change with a restaurant. I am happy to say that is not the case with the Spotted Pig. I love BBQ and I am now in love with the Spotted Pig BBQ. I just finished my half a slab of ribs, baked beans, and coleslaw; what a fantastic meal and great way to start a great weekend.

        The ribs are dry rubbed and smoked. The meat is tender and you can see the smoke line in the meat as you eat your way across each rib. The flavor is just spicy enough that although they offer 3 different sauces (smoky sweat, vinegar mustard, and hot spicy) the ribs don’t need it – they stand alone with their own flavor.

        The baked beans are another favorite of mine; its 4 different beans in a brown sugar spicy sauce. The coleslaw is also good with a little kick. What I like about the slaw is that it cools your mouth when the spicy from the ribs and beans begin to grow.

        The beef brisket also rocks and I’ve heard several people say it’s the best beef brisket they’ve had this side of Texas. For brisket fans, that’s saying something.

        This is the 3rd time I’ve eaten at the Spotted Pig and each time the ribs were meaty, juicy, and tender. They know a good deal about how to cook excellent ribs. It’s really good and a good value for your money. I’m glad they’re here and with food like this and the growing number of folks who are finding out about the Spotted Pig, I think they’re going to be here a good long while.

        It's worth stopping by if you are ANYWHERE near Lake Hartwell just inside South Carolina on Hwy 11.