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Aug 4, 2008 01:42 PM

Bouchon Bakery French Macarons

Does anyone know if the french macarons at Bouchon Bakery are still available and what flavors are available this time of the year? Can I get them in a nice box? Would like to give them as part of a birthday gift.

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  1. They're still available. I remember seeing (as of last week) their regular flavors of coffee, caramel, chocolate and vanilla. The seasonal ones I can't remember. They should provide you with their standard Bouchon box, if that's what you're asking for...


    1. I'm pretty sure they are available on a year round basis. But I have to say that I think there are much better places for macarons in Manhattan. Two that come to mind are Le Madeleine and La Maison du Chocolat. Le Madeleine has more flavors (and some interesting ones). La Maison only has about five to choose from.

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        Agreed! I stopped into La Maison on the UES this weekend, and they had macarons available (and they looked great).

        La Maison has the better presentation of the two. You can get the small ones prepacked in a box, and it's very cute. With Madeleine, they just put them in a plain white bakery/cake box. Macarons are fragile! They need more support.

        Bouchon had large macarons in the refrigerated case last time I checked but they were very soggy and didn't taste that great. They also had small ones in prepackaged boxes that were adorable but they were also chocolate covered (?) which was totally weird.

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          Macaron is also very good-they are on 36th off of 7th Ave.

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            If I go to La Maison du Chocolat, how much will the macarons cost? And is one location better than the other? Thanks, Rich

            1. re: javaandjazz

              It's $2.50 for the small ones and $5 for the big ones. The quality's the same from each location.

        2. I've had the Bouchon macarons, though I can't compare them to others in NY. I find them to be a little large, but I love the caramel ones! I haven't found them to be soggy.

          I've only ever seen caramel, vanilla and chocolate.

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            "I haven't found them to be soggy."

            With Bouchon's macarons, I've found it to be the exact opposite of soggy -- they're hard, dried with not enough ganache. Funny thing is I love almost everything else Bouchon carries. I just don't understand why they can't make a decent macaron.

            Macaron Cafe that samaim123 mentions is great when their macarons are fresh. The four times I've gotten macarons there, I've gotten at least one stale flavor every time. But I love the owner and staff, and their sandwiches are pretty good, especially for that neighborhood.