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Aug 4, 2008 01:19 PM

Lauraville House

I know that there is a Hamilton Tavern opening soon on Harford Road,(same people as Brewers Art?)
Has anyone heard anything about The Lauraville House opening (old Jerry O'Donnells?)

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  1. I had not heard anything about this, but I googled it and found an article in The Examiner:

    1. I am curious to hear if anyone has tried this yet. I live nearby and cannot even picture where it is.

      anyone been?

      1. Haven't been yet, but we drove past. There isn't a sign yet and it doesn't look very inviting...a little bit keno-y IMO.

        1. Ditto Ronandaim's comment. I had hopes for this place, but by the looks of the smokers who were banished to the sidewalk out front, it looks like the same old scruffy barfly crowd, which, to me, indicates a perpetuation of the O'Donnell's/Christies' paradigm. Yeah, funny there's no sign yet.

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          1. re: Montebello

            Ah, well no sign explains why I didn't see it! Smoker's and Keno? ... I believe I will pass until someone else braves (and raves!) it.

            1. re: tapas gal

              I think it's the white building on Harford right next to the fire department.

              1. re: tapas gal

                Tom, the manager of Brewers Art has purchased it. He and his wife have been working on it all summer. I'm sure the "old crowd" will try to hang on, but I doubt very much if Tom is keeping the Keno or has any intention of keeping it "as is."

                1. re: tapas gal

                  Well, I'm afraid that after the build up, the trip to Lauraville House came to nothing. We went in, and the ambience is still very much Keno/barfly, with Riviera Beach wedding reception furnishings and decor. We didn't stay -- part of me is ashamed about that. The new owner is, apparently adding some Peruvian dishes to the menu, and the aromas were certainly more alluring than the normal bar fare, but we couldn't bring ourselves to try it and went to the Hamilton Tavern again. Maybe we've been spoiled, but good luck to them.
                  The diner across the street from Hamilton Tavern is taking shape: the interior looks like fun, and it should be a good addition.

                  1. re: quarterjack

                    I would give it another shot. True, the decor leaves a bit to be desired (but it's a lot better than O'Donnell's!). And there is definitely still some of the old crowd going there. BUT the food is actually good! We've been a couple of times, and the beer battered fish sandwich is HUGE and tasty, with hand-cut fries. My wife really enjoyed the hot wings, and last time we went she had an incredible Asian tuna wrap - really good. Apparently there's also a blackened tuna offering.

                    Beer selections aren't as grand as the Hamilton Tavern, but the Happy Hour special is pretty good - $.75 off all beer, and I am pleased to report that they offer Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (as well as Blue Moon & others).

                2. re: Montebello

                  Hang on Hang on Hang on, we're getting our signals crossed here....

                  Hamilton Tavern- Bought by Tom from Brewers Art, slated to open end of August as a casual place for Lauraville types to hang out with good beer, wine, etc.

                  Lauraville House- no one knows

                  Hamilton House- scruffy Keno joint no one should bother checking out.

                  1. re: pleiades

                    Lauraville House is owned by Luis Cabrera, who I believe lives right nearby.

                3. The Hamilton Tavern is stellar. We're heading to the Lauraville House tonight as the next trip on our tour of the new Harford Road eating places. From driving by it looks like there might be problems parking, and the strange signage leaves us a bit concerned, but you can't knock it until you try it.