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Aug 4, 2008 01:11 PM

Cafe Carcioffo on Court Street closed by DOH


Noticed that yesterday when walking by. Any idea how long its been closed for and when/if they plan to re-open?

  1. I think the date on the notice is 7/29, so it's almost on a week now.

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      1. are you sure this was closed by the Department of Health? The city posts all of it's inspections, violations, and closings on the website? and i can't find an inspection or a violation for this restaurant?

        is it possible that the whole building was closed by HPD (Housing & Preservation Department) for a structural reason? considering the fact that the building is quite old, and there is residences above the restaurant?

        you'd think if they failed a Health Inspection it would be on the website, just like every other health inspection, right?

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        1. re: noahfecks

          There is a sign on the window that says DOH. Place was horrid anyway.

          1. re: noahfecks

            I saw it on the website. You might of spelled it wrong or something.

            1. re: chocolatefancy

              Just saw the sign today, too bad, the place was there a long time, a neighborhood staple...I will miss their grilled calamari and fresh pastas...alas another one bites the dust!!

              1. re: Ruby5510

                While it is no badge of honor to be closed by the Dept, it needn't be the end of the restaurant. To reopen, they must pass a re-inspection. But it takes a while to do the necessary work and then to schedule an inspection, during which period rent , etc must be paid but no income is coming in.

                1. re: acemdin

                  The door to the kitchen (on Kane) has been open on some days when I walk by so I suppose they may be doing work to address problems. Does anyone here know the owner? The prix fixe was a great deal.

                  1. re: acemdin

                    I'd recommended that anyone who is in the neighborhood read the -snotty- letter to the public regarding their closing. They basically blame the Health department.


                    1. re: Larry Brooks

                      Well, they're spin may not have worked. I drove by today and saw that one of their gates was up. Looked like they were selling stuff off. Was in a moving car and didn't stop to see exactly what was going on, but perhaps they're throwing in the towel and closing for good? Can't think of anything else, since most open restaurants don't have stoop sales.

                      1. re: jdf

                        Agreed. I walked by what looked like a stoop sale. Then I read a note that was surpisingly rude and blamed the Health Dept, and in a weird way seemed to blame the neighborhood.

                        1. re: Larry Brooks

                          Huh? That's disappointing, considering the neighborhood supported them for years. What was the gist of what the note said?

                          1. re: jdf

                            I also passed by and actually spoke to the people, it was an incredibly sad letter explaining how the health dept treated them so badly while closing their place. The owners were real friendly and humble...I think we all know what it's like to deal with a city agency...DMV? DOE? MTA? Frustrating!!! The owners were thanking the neighborhhood for their support and I overheard people saying they wanted to start a petition/collection to save carciofo. Perhaps some people took the note the wrong way...

            2. The original comment has been removed