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Under The Moon - Bordentown

I want to thank those Chowhounds for posting about this rather unique restaurant!

On Saturday, Fiance and I were celebrating our 5th year "anniversary" of being together (we're getting married this December). We wanted to dine out, but since we were at a picnic earlier in the day and were a bit tired (and not in the mood to "dress up"), we decided to try Under The Moon since it had such rave reviews and was nearby. I can attest that everything good that has been said about this eatery is true and then some!! If this place has been on your "want to try" list, I suggest you move it to the priority try list!

Not being able to decide on which of the appetizers we wanted, we decided on three: beet salad, baked cauliflower in three cheese sauce with cubes of ham, and, cheese and potato pierogis in a gorgonzola cream sauce. We could not decide which was the best, and even fiance, who hates strong cheeses like feta and gorgonzola, enjoyed it. I was particularly impressed at how light the sauces were! Probably the best prepared cauliflower dish I have had in a very long time.

We weren't expecting the salad of fresh, crisp greens in balsamic vinegar, prior to dinner, but we enjoyed it.

Fiance had the Seafood Risotto and I had the Spinach Ravioli Alfredo. The look on my fiance's face after one taste of the Risotto was priceless. He rarely gives compliments, but he exclaimed it was the best he's eaten and definitely prepared to order. Large chunks of calamari, scallops, salmon and crab intermingled with the well-seasoned risotto. A wonderful balance of flavors, according to him.

My spinach ravioli alfredo was another surprise. I was expecting a white cream sauce but was pleasantly surprised with the spinach pesto-like sauce. The ravoli was home-made (as everything was), cooked perfectly, and the sauce was amazingly light and full of flavor.

We only ate half of our dinners in order to savor dessert. Banana cream pie for fiance and dark chocolate mousse for me. Deliciously decadent on both fronts.

Service was excellent. We had a new server, backed up by a woman who I thought may have been the owner? (Blondish hair, nice tats and full of energy).

This was one of the best dining experiences we have had in a long time, and we shall certainly be returning very soon!

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  1. Gwendolen, nice review and glad you enjoyed UTM. It certainly is a qwirky and unique restaurant and I mean that in the best way :)
    All of our vists there have been very enjoyable and the menu changes daily which is great, especially with most cuisines of the world represented.
    Oh and congrats on the upcoming big day!

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      Thanks for the good wishes! I can hardly believe it's only four months away. While this is not my first wedding (it is for fiance), we are still excited, nevertheless. Then again, fiance's version of planning a wedding is "you do it" *lol* (I wanted to elope!)

      We are anxious to return to UTM just to see what's on the menu!

      1. re: Gwendolen

        Glad to see another Chowhound with a great experience here. We've known Luigi and Estella long before this place was even thought of, and they are great people.

        The waitress with the tats you are referring to is Fawn, or "Fawny" as we like to call her. She's great. She also works at the new bike ship in town, Bicycle Pro.

        Next time you stop in, be sure to tell the gang that F.Scott & Zelda say hello! =) Maybe we'll try to shoot in one night this week ourselves, buut schedules are crazy right now with work, weddings, school, Reserves, etc.

        Anyway, as Tom said, glad you enjoyed the place, and congrats on your upcoming nuptual! -mJ

        1. re: njfoodies

          Thanks njfoodies!! I will pass along that info as we will probably return to UTM on Saturday with my nephew and his g.f.!

          1. re: Gwendolen

            I would like to give this place a try next week. Couldn't find a menu online, or a website. Does Under the Moon have a website that you know of? Wanted to check out the prices and variety as well.

            1. re: mschow

              Hi mschow, no website (at least I can't find one) and the prices have a big range.
              All the apps are very reasonable, $3.95-7.95 or so.
              The entrees range from around $13.00 for a homemade dish of something to the low to mid twenty's for sushi grade tuna or crabcakes.
              Of course its very hard to say for sure since the menu changes daily.
              Enjoy and let us know how you made out.

              1. re: tom246

                Thanks, Tom. This is BYOB, correct?

                1. re: mschow

                  Yes, BYOB and looking at my earlier reply, there are a couple of entree's over or around $20.00 but the majority are under $20.00.
                  Very good value and don't forget dessert if you have room, all are homemade.

    2. After a long day of my wife being at the Jewelry making convention in Valley Forge while I was hiking the National Park, we were ready for a nice dinner and UTM did not disappoint.
      Service is always first rate here and our server never missed a beat even though the place was full. She also has a great sense of humor. I need to get her name next time.
      Started with our empanadas which are stuffed with a beef and olive combination. A small fresh salad with balsamic vinagrette was tasty and is complimentary.

      From a longer than usual entree list we choose:
      Crab cakes accompanied by roasted red pepper aioli and fennel-mango chutney. These cakes were pure lump crab and were wonderful.
      I had "Mama's Pork" with was tenderloin stuffed with plums and bacon glazed with apricot sauce and served with sweet potato mash. Tasted as good as it sounds.

      We were full but could not pass on dessert. We shared a banana cream pie which consisted of a 5 inch high light fluffy mix of pureed bananas, whipped cream and marcapone with chocolate shavings on top. Totally decadent and a refreshing take on what is normally a layered pie.
      A very nice 2005 Arista Pinot Noir was enjoyed with dinner.
      We begged for a menu and some other entrees last night (changes nightly) were:
      Walnut crusted talapia, Sushi grade tuna, Homemade mushroom ravioli, chicken and chorizo risotto, stuffed double cut pork chop, grilled skirt steak and a few others.

      Estella (who is 'Mama") took time during a very busy evening to come over and ask how was everything. Told her it was dining in her home. What a sweet lady.
      From the look of things, UTM is building a loyal following.

      1. Braved the nasty weather last night and enjoyed a nice dinner at UTM. Shared a triple cheese polenta with red sauce, I had the chicken and chorizo risotto, wife had the chicken cutlets layered with roasted peppers, carmelized onions, ham and mozzerella cheese with red sauce.
        App. and both entrees were hearty, filling and large portions. Have dinner for tomorrow.
        Shared the freshly made lemon meringue pie, a great choice when available.
        Service great as always. Most fun about this place is trying to figure what will be on the menu as it changes every day.

        1. Took friends here last night and had a great meal. The place has really started to catch on but I managed to get a 6:00 reservation calling earlier in the week. Great to see in this economic climate.
          Mama was our server last night and she makes you feel like family.
          Our friends wanted to experiment with the menu so we over ordered a bit but who's complaining :))

          Apps were 2 empanada's, 2 bowls of delicious corn chowder chock full of potatoes, leeks, smoky bacon etc, and cailiflower tempura which were big florets with red sauce and mozzarella cheese. Just that app would have been enough for the 4 of us.

          Entrees were Autumn Pork, baked pork loin in a apple, bacon, plum and caramelized onion sauce served with a sweet potato mash, Just delicious.
          Thai Pork was grilled pork medallions served over French lentils with a corn and mango salsa and honey balsamic glaze. Nice mix of flavors with a summer like lightness.
          Winter Chicken was a chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, artichokes and spinach accompanied by an orange cranberry spaghetti squash and finished with creamy artichoke sauce. Another winner.
          DW had the Eggplant Parm which she simply must order if its on the menu.
          We all have lunch or dinner for today as each entree is substantial.

          Friends insisted on dessert (yea right), they had the absolutely superb Lemon Meringue pie and we had the Flan which is unlike any flan you have ever had. Hard to even describe but is delicious. You will have to try.

          How good was dinner. On the way out, after talking to Mama and family for several minutes, our friends asked. "when can we come back here"

          1. Based on what I've read here, we stopped by UTM for lunch yesterday on our trip from Somerset County to Ocean City. We've been interested in alternatives to Mastori's in the area and had hopes for some good food. It seems most reviews here have been about dinner. The lunch menu is dominated by wraps, salads, sandwiches and pastas. Unfortunately, only half of the six components of our meals were successful.

            Hopes remained high with the presentation of some nicely toasted bread and a parsley/garlic/lemon/hot pepper flavored oil for dipping - tasty.

            We both ordered sandwiches, which came with a side salad with a balsamic dressing that was really quite harsh - a higher proportion of vinegar to oil than I'm used to, and at home I do go a little heavy on the vinegar myself. It was also dusted with some dried herbs that were still dry and not integrated into the salad or dressing. Oregano? Marjoram? Hard to tell, since they really only added a distracting texture and not a lot of flavor, being overshadowed by the strong vinegar.

            For the sandwiches, my Cuban was excellent. The side dish of baby pickled beets were also quite good, only marred slightly by a repeat dusting of those dried herbs.

            My wife's Veggie Delight sandwich was big loser #1 of the day. A small single layer of grilled veggies on an oversized roll of unimpressive bread, topped with a thin shmear of goat cheese was a big disappointment. Looking at the other sandwiches around us, that seemed stuffed with a good inch to 2 inches of fillings, the half inch of veggies made the $10 ($9?) price a rip-off.

            We love good lemon meringue pie, and were impressed by the height of meringue on the one in the dessert case, but were not impressed by the custardy, barely lemon-flavored filling under it. While my wife's sandwich lost on quantity, this was the big loser on quality. Never had something so heavy in such a pie - it was more like a heavy key lime pie filling than a fruity lemon meringue pie filling. Even the meringue was uneven, with uneven strong hits of sugar encountered in a few separate bites. And the $7 price tag was really painful.

            Maybe dinner's a different story, but we probably won't be stopping by again.

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              Sorry to hear your misfortune fpatrick. We have had nothing but great meals there...for lunch and dinner!

            2. Finally made the stop to Under The Moon last night with some friends. . Overall, a very good experience. We had wonderful and friendly service, definitely an 'A' here. All of us commented on how accommodating the staff was. For starters we shared some appetizers; a stuffed portobello mushroom, some empanadas, beet salad, and a cherry tomato and bean salad. Everything was delicious, except the empanadas, which were very dry and a real disappointment. We wondered why they had a noticeable plate sharing charge on the menu and soon found out why. The portions are huge; actually over the top, imo. Two of us had the skirt steak, which was delicious and served with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. The tilapia with walnut crust was another hit. Risotto ordered by another friend was enough to feed the entire table. We were so stuffed and none of us were able even to make a dent in our dishes.
              One dessert was ordered for the table, a brownie with ice cream. It would have been delicious had it not been microwaved and burnt in the center (from the microwave). All in all, a very nice meal with one very big drawback. The restaurant, while charming to look at, is not a comfortable place to sit for any length of time. The table we sat at was glass top with two sewing machine iron bases that held up the top. The bases are wide and make it difficult to place your legs comfortably, for anyone at the table. And the chairs...quite simply the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat in EVER. These are inexpensive wrought iron back ice cream parlor chairs. The chair pad was covered with fabric, but no padding. If you are taller than 5'2", it feels like you are sitting in a child's chair. Halfway through the meal, I was miserable, with a backache and no Tylenol! Another friend was in pain as well. We couldn't wait to get up from the table, and get outside. The chairs are a mish-mash of different styles, but we all were seated at these ice cream parlor back killers.
              But the chairs were the only unpleasant part of the evening, and I would probably go back again.
              Definately worth a visit if you haven't been there before.

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              1. re: mschow

                I can see what you mean with the chairs, but we have gotten used to it. We were actually there on Friday night, and once again, it was wonderful. I had the seafood risotto, and could have fed the Chicago Bears starting line up with it. Good God it was a lot of food, but I am not complaining a bit. It made for good snacking the rest of the weekend. Zelda had the vegetable canoloni and it too was great! Gotta love this place and the crew! We're customers for life! -mJ

              2. <cut and pasted from my blog>

                Tonight, we met with fellow Chowhound members tom246(always great to get together with you guys, and thanks again! Next time it's on us!) and his lovely bride for another evening of fun food and vino at Under the Moon in downtown Bordentown City. Tom had made a a 7:30PM reservation, and they had our table ready and waiting for us. Thank God Tom had made a reservation, as there wasn’t an open table in the house. Always great to see this restaurant thriving! As a matter of fact, all the restaurants in town were packed tonight as we walked by, and that is always nice to see.

                We were greeted and seated by Fawn at a round table that we have been seated at quite a few times in the upper ½ of the restaurant. Many great items on the menu tonight, but unfortunately they were sold out of the strip steak. Bummer as this is always one of my favorites, and such a great bargain, but never fear, there are always some other great entrees to chose from.

                As usual, we both brought many options for wine. From tom246's stash, we opted for a 2004 Copain Cerise, and from my bag we went with the 2005 Tobin James Dusi Vineyard zinfandel. I also asked Silvi to throw a 2006 Tobin James Charisma into their fridge for dessert. Feel free to read the wine reviews in previous posts, or see my notes on CellarTracker.com.

                Fawn brought some of their signature bread out, which is small, sliced, light and fluffy bread rounds, toasted on the Panini press with a little oil and garlic. It’s always nice, and gets a little something in your belly before the salads come out. The side of chimichurri that comes with it is to die for, and one of Mama's many homemade treats.

                For dinner tonight, I was torn between the Autumn Pork, which I have had on a few other occasions, as well as the French Pork, which I have never had. I ended up going with the French Pork just to try something new. Zelda ordered the seafood enchiladas tonight, while tom246 ordered the Autumn Pork, and D opted for the crab cakes.

                A few minutes after ordering, out came the house salads that are always included with the entrees. These are always nice little salads, with fresh lettuce, a couple sliced tomatoes, some red onion, dried herbs, and a nice balsamic vinaigrette. This is a nice, light salad, and yet another pleasure while we waited for our entrees to come out.

                With great conversation throughout the night about wine, it seemed as though our entrees came out in no time...which they probably did. As usual, the portions were very large. I had two nice pork medallions on my plate, that were the perfect thickness. Not too thick as though they will not cook through, yet not to thin that they will dry out. It came accompanied with a nice side of rice, and the pork itself was smothered in a nice medley of apple, fig maybe, cinnamon, and some other spices. It really brought out a nice flavor in the pork.

                Zelda's seafood enchilladas were absolutely phenomenol. Not only were they large, but they were filled with some great shrimp, scallop, crab, and I am not sure what else quite honestly. The texture was wonderful, the filling was rich and creamy, and the sauce on top was a a perfect finisher. I look forward to ordering these for myself in the future. The other entrees at the table looked nice as well, and I have had them both in the past. As much as I love the crab cakes that I make, Santiago uses my same concept...let the flavors of the crab shine. Don't doctor them up with a bunch of vegetables or seasoning, and use as little filler as possible. This is a great philosophy!

                After dinner, we were all absolutely stuffed, and instead of ordering dessert, we opened the Charisma that I had brought, which actually turned out to be thin, alcohol tasting, and rather disappointing. I guess we should have brought some Tobin James Liquid Love instead, but at least we know for next time.

                All in all, a wonderful evening with some friends that we really enjoy chatting with about two of our favorite hobbies, food and wine. As always, the Under the Moon gang provided great service and a wonderful dinner, and we always look forward to visiting them. Hopefully we'll be back soon! Cheers! -mJ

                DISCLAIMER: this review was written in a hurry, and I need to go back in, clean it up, and add some details when I get some more time.

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                  Great time MJ, always fun being with you guys. The food was as usual very good. The Autumn pork and crab cakes were tasty and those seafood enchilladas looked awesome.
                  I need to try them next time their on the menu. Too many choices :)

                2. Passed by here
                  They are now offering a lunch buffet on Wed and Thurs for 10.99

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                    Stopped in for the lunch buffet today. All you can eat, 3 dishes and salad 10.99, drinks and dessert not included. Today Mama had a southwestern theme.

                    Smothered Chicken with fresh salsa topped with a slice of tomato and cheese - Good
                    Ziti with Southwestern Sausage Bolognese - Very Good
                    Meatballs with black beans and corn - Very Good

                    Dessert - 3 Layer Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake AMAZING!!!
                    First layer, rich flourless chocolate brownie - middle, peanut putter cheesecake - top thick layer of chocolate fudge/ganache.

                    Mama and her staff were great!

                    1. re: shabbystorm

                      Good to know that UTM is also nice for lunch, thanks for the report.
                      That Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake is amazing, one of several excellent desserts.

                  2. Just a quick note on our meal with friends here on Saturday. Ahi tuna for the guys and crab cakes were great as usual but my wife ordered something new even for UTM.
                    It was a pineapple sliced in half length wise, mostly carved out of the pineapple, then stuffed with coconut jasmin rice and a large amount of shrimp, scallops and some pineapple. Very interesting and unusual flavor. It was like eating a Pina Colada from sweetness of the coconut and pineapple mixture but was also savory from the shrimp and scallops.
                    My wife loved it and I enjoyed a few tastes but I must say the flavors may not be for everyone. Sweet and savory together is a no no for some.
                    We saw quite a few come from the kitchen and our server told us that it has been very popular. On the menu a lot since being introduced a few weeks ago.
                    Beware if you go here looking for this entree because the menu at UTM does change daily.
                    Service as always was excellent.

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                    1. re: tom246

                      tom246 - What do you mean above, Sweet and Savory together is a no no for some...
                      having reoccurring debates on taste, is this scientific, or a gourmet faux pas?
                      Your insight is appreciated, Thanks much.

                      1. re: shabbystorm

                        Hi Shabby, no science behind it, more a gut feeling :)
                        I know some sweet ingredients, example being vanilla bean have been used in recipes but I was referring to more pronounced sweet tastes in food.

                        The dish at UTM was delicious, like drinking a Pina Colada with shrimp and scallops. I think in a blind taste panel Shrimp Scampi (or something well known) may win out over the prep at UTM, only because of it being a known taste.

                        Let me give you another example. Vice Versa is one of our favorite restaurants in NYC.
                        On their menu is "Casoncelli alla Bergamasca" which is veal, raisin and amaretto cookie filled ravioli with sage butter and pancetta. I love this dish and have ordered it many times but I wonder how many people would prefer a more simple red sauce preparation.
                        I bet there are a lot of people who would not think of trying ravioli that contained raisins, amaretto cookies etc.

                        Hope this explains what I meant a bit better.

                        1. re: tom246

                          Thanks for taking a minute to explain.
                          Guess any debate, philosophical or physiological would end up at pretty much the same conclusion, in the end, it is just a matter of taste :)

                          1. re: shabbystorm

                            Yea, your probably right but there is a lot of science going on about not only a physiological attraction to food but also an emotional attraction to aroma and taste. Its fascinating stuff and linked to what I do for a living.
                            Maybe someday we'll have a discussion about it.
                            All I know is that I have to exercise twice as hard these days with all the options this board provides :)

                            1. re: tom246

                              Can't wait to try this place next week perhaps, I will report back. !

                              1. re: tom246

                                Interesting discussion. I recently read a book on the history of cuisine and the spice trade in the late middle ages and was fascinated to learn how many of the flavors we now associate with dessert were used for the main meals in those times. Cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, honey, dried fruit, it was all there. So these UTM recipes, which I found noteworthy when I ate there, are really throwbacks.

                                FWIW, the book is called The Taste of Conquest: The Rise and Fall of the Three Great Cities of Spice by Michael Krondl.

                      2. The big thunderstorm left us without power so we decided to head to UTM for dinner.
                        I had the crabcakes with mango salsa and red pepper sauce and DW had the avocado steak which is two large pieces of medium rare skirt steak with guacamole, crispy onions and sides of parsnip infused smashed potatoes and roasted veggies.
                        Both were great and some avocado steak for lunch. Shared a delicious large slice of lemon meringue pie, I have not had lemon meringue pie as good anywhere. All their desserts are awesome.
                        Came back home and the power was on, who could ask for more :)

                        1. Friday night, no reservations. We consider Super Pollo ll in Brick, Shirin Cafe in Manalapan but finally decide on Under The Moon in Bordentown. It was hopping there last night but after about 15 minutes we were able to snag a table.
                          Split an empanada (always good) and after the complimentary salad had two delicious entrees.
                          DW had a Mexican style paella with chicken, chorizo, black beans, pigeon beans, all mixed in with a slightly spicy yellow rice.
                          I had "Louisiana" pork which were two HUGE loins on a bed of plum sauce, herbs, with a diced apple chutney on top. Came with a tasty side of spaghetti squash. Ate until stuffed and still had half to bring home.
                          Talking to Santi, son of the owner, this recipe was devised at 4:30 in the afternoon. Pretty good creativity.
                          You can't pass on dessert here, they are all fabulous. We split a piece of banana cream pie which was divine.

                          Always an enjoyable meal, one extra observation. All the remaining uncomfortable "ice cream parlor" type chairs have been replaced with padded comfortable chairs. No excuse not to get here :)

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                          1. re: tom246

                            Great news on the chair replacement!! Thanks for posting that info. While we loved the food the few times we have been there, my husband refused to go back because the chairs were so darn uncomfortable!

                            1. re: Gwendolen

                              Gwendolen, I think there were many people who just could not get comfortable in those ice cream parlor chairs.
                              Now eating at UTM can make both your stomach and rear happy :)

                          2. UTM keeps turning out interesting and tasty preparations, makes us want to keep coming back.
                            Last night we nibbled on a beef empanada and their toasted bread and herbed oil spread looking at the menu.
                            DW had the seafood enchiladas which were two LARGE tubes stuffed with shrimp, scallops, salmon, beans, in a creamed corn cilantro puree. Came with tasty rice and beans. This was delicious and an entire enchilada for lunch today.
                            I had an old standby, perfectly rare tuna over wasabi risotto with a small pool of ponzu sauce around the entree. A very nice combination of flavors.
                            We split a huge hunk of apple bread pudding drizzled with caramel sauce and a side of whipped cream. Had a nice KB pinot with dinner.

                            UTM is a great place to relax and enjoy some innovative food without breaking the bank. In this tough economy, UTM offers excellent value.

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                              Sorry we missed you tom246! We actually stayed in last night and snacked. I tell ya, as much as you guys frequent UTM, it sure sounds like you guys need to move out of "the country" and move into "The Little City with a Lot of Charm!" The two of you would make a great addition! Hope to catch up with you soon! Let me know when you guys want to do Oliver, and maybe we can get BGut to join in the festivities! Cheers! -mJ

                            2. Once again it has taken us far too long to get back to Under the Moon in Bordentown, for no good reason at all. It has also been way too long since we have gotten together with Chowhound and Wine Board friends tom246 and his lovely bride DW. But with the snow apocalypse on the horizon, we decided to brave the elements for a little get together at Under the Moon, and as always, we left with happy belly's, and had a wonderful evening.

                              Under the Moon is still one of the treasures in downtown Bordentown. It is a quaint little place on the main drag of Farnsworth Avenue, and us just so friendly and cozy. From the great family and friends who work their, to the dishes made with love and great flavors, you just cannot go wrong.

                              We arrived at Under the Moon steps behind our friends, and said hello to Mama's crew! Mama is actually on her way back from Argentina as I type this, but her son Santiago had the kitchen well under control, and did a great job.

                              We sat and caught up with tom246 and DW while we were trying to decide on the wine selection. They brought an '03 Richioli pinot noir, as well as an '03 Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel, while I brought a selection ranging from an '05 Kistler chardonnay, '03 Fiddlehead pinot noir 728, '05 Sea Smoke pinot noir Southing, and an '07 Stefania Haut Tubee. We finally decided on going with the Sea Smoke and the Tablas Creek. Feel free to read those tasting notes below once I get them posted!

                              Before ordering, Santiago came over and sat with us for a few minutes, talking about their new menu that they are going to debut next Tuesday, February 9th, as well as their new take out menu, delivery services, etc. Let me say that the new menu looks great, and is also very ambitious in my opinion. There will be many dishes on the new menu, including some of Mama's staples! One thing that I am really looking forward to is the Beef Wellington, and we are also really looking forward to the new guacamole addition to the appetizers! YUM! Regardless, we are wishing them the best on the premier of their new menu! I think it is going to be fabulous!

                              So on to appetizers, tom246 ordered the soup, which I think was a white and black bean soup, and Zelda opted for the Tempura Cauliflower. In the mean time, out came the toasted signature bread and mama's chimichuri, and we just enjoyed some great wine and conversation while catching up. A bit later the apps came out, and the soup looked really nice, as did Zelda's cauliflower, smothered in melted cheese, with a nice breading and topped with tomato sauce. I will say that I am not a big fan of cauliflower, but bread anything and top it in cheese and I will eat it! It was nice and tasty, and a massive portion! Needless to say we didn't finish it all as we had to save room for dinner, and I was determined to save room for dessert tonight as well!

                              For entrees tonight, Zelda opted for the homemade Lobster Ravioli, and I opted for Silvi's Short Ribs. Other dishes at the table included Paella, as well as Joel's Chicken. Dinner came out in what seemed like no time as we were all busy catching up.

                              The paella and Joel's chicken looked fabulous, and as usual, looked like massive dishes! It looked as though there was 2 pounds of paella on DW's plate, formed from a bowl in a large mound, and topped with a gorgeous orange puree of some sort. Tom246's chicken was covered in a beautiful, thick, and chunky fresh tomato salsa, and too was a heaping helping of Argentinean hospitality that can be seen above.
                              Zelda's lobster ravioli looked fabulous, and is there really anything better than homemade, handmade pasta? This was served with a beautiful creamy tomato sauce, that was nice and light in color, garnished with some roasted red peppers. Upon cutting into the ravioli, Zelda pointed out a gorgeous chunk of what looked liked lobster clam meet. WOW! I have never seen such a large chunk of lobster meet stuffed inside of ravioli, but this was incredible. This was not pureed with a bunch of cheese and filler, this was chunks of lobster heaven with some cheese. This is how every restaurant should make lobster ravioli, and was absolutely delectable!

                              Out came my short ribs, and again, another massive portion! Two giant short ribs on the bone, smothered in a sauce that had some mushroom, served over a bed of ginger mashed potatoes, and some Julienne vegetables consisting of carrots and other veggies.

                              These were as tender and fat free as can be, and cooked very nicely. All of the fat had been burned off, and these could be cut with a fork...no knife needed here. The flavors we awesome, and the textured of the short ribs was perfect. The portion was huge, and I couldn't have eaten another bite without killing my appetite for dessert. The ginger mash paired nicely, and were seasoned perfectly. I was a little hesitant about the ginger element, but it was a nice combination.

                              As we finished the bottoms of our bottles of vino, we ordered dessert. I am a huge fan of Santiago's bread pudding, and the apple bread pudding was fresh out of the oven tonight. Really nice chunks of fresh apple, with a nice breading and smothered in a homemade caramel sauce. It again was huge, and I couldn't finish it all.

                              Tom246 and DW went for the lemon meringue pie, another Santiago staple, and it too looked great. Santiago also sent out a piece of his chocolate peanut butter cheesecake for the table to share, and it too was great.

                              All in all, what can we say other than the fact that we had another great night at Under the Moon with great friends, food, and service. Santiago did a great job as always, and the service from Sarah was once again fabulous! Great job from the Under the Moon family, and as always, we look forward to our next visit! I'll clean this up and make some more comments after doing some snow shoveling! Cheers! From: http://jerseyfoodies.blogspot.com/201...

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                              1. re: njfoodies

                                Sounds like a great meal. Sorry I missed it. BTW, excellent pics of the dishes on your blog.

                                1. re: njfoodies

                                  Yes, a very good meal and nice catching up with good friends. As mentioned by njfoodiie UTM will have a set menu starting this Tuesday. Having a completely different menu each night was becoming overwhelming to Santi and crew.
                                  Having said that, the set menu is very large and diverse with many of our favorites on it.
                                  You could eat at UTM every two weeks for a long time before repeating dishes.

                                  They now also have a full take out menu. Wish I lived closer :)

                                  1. re: tom246

                                    I can't wait for the new takeout menu and delivery! We are so spoiled! =)

                                    Let me know your thoughts on your dinners tom246, and I'll quote you on our blog!

                                    As always, it was a pleasure getting together with you and DW, and we look forward to another great evening soon! We'll have to set something up somewhere with BGUT1 and whomever else might be interested in joining us! Let the vino flow! -mJ

                                2. We had not been back for several months but very pleased to report that UTM is well and THRIVING. They have been in their larger remodeled restaurant for 2 months. More space for customers and a larger more functional kitchen for Santi and staff to work their magic.
                                  Arrived at our 7:30 reservation to a packed house and they were turning tables our entire time there.

                                  Knowing that UTM portions are not shy :) we started with a roasted vegetable and goat cheese tostada which was essentially a plate full of flavorful veggies and goat cheese on top of a crispy tostada. A yummy starter to share and a large portion.
                                  Lots of entree choices but DW went with an old favorite, the eggplant parmesan and I had the short ribs with mixed veggies over nutmeg infused mashed potatoes.
                                  Both were delicious and perfect for the dreary night.

                                  It would be heresy to pass up dessert here, so we split a piece of coconut cream pie which had white chocolate mixed in. Made for a tasty caloric paradise. Desserts here are sure to please. Service was great all evening, the entire family was hard at work last night.
                                  Our bottle of Cab, 2002 Fisher Herb Lamb vineyard didn't suck :).

                                  UTM is a really nice story of hard work and a dream coming true. With so many restaurants struggling or packing it in, UTM has expanded and is now hitting their stride.
                                  Could not have happened to a nicer group of people. If you plan to visit, the new address is a block further down Farnsworth Ave.
                                  210 Farnsworth Avenue
                                  Bordentown, NJ

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                                  1. re: tom246

                                    We were there last night too--for a 7:30 reservation!! The new place is really cute. The stufed acorn squash appetizer was wonderful-we always look for that one. I had the stuffed poblano peppers which I loved and my husband had the osso bucco and gave me one tiny, delicious bite. A friend had the best cream of mushroom soup---luckily it was too rich for him to finish the entire bowl...

                                    1. re: stillnotdon

                                      stillnotdon, we should have CH stickers to identify each other;). The soup did sound good but I figured it would fill me up.
                                      I bet that osso buco was good, for me it was that or the short ribs, which were also excellent.

                                      1. re: tom246

                                        I agree about the name tags---By the way I was also at osteria procaccini last week too!!

                                        1. re: stillnotdon

                                          Great minds think alike :). Not to hijack this thread but what did you think of Osteria Procaccini. We were very impressed.

                                    2. re: tom246

                                      Thanks to all the posts on this thread we drove to UTM tonight and were rewarded with a very enjoyable dinner. Worth the drive from Cherry Hill, we plan on returning.

                                      1. re: dkupersmith

                                        Good to hear. What did you order. Even though UTM is now a set menu (used to change daily!), the menu has tremendous variety. Always difficult to choose.

                                        1. re: tom246

                                          We shared empanadas for starters, enjoyed the beef more than the seafood.
                                          My wife had the short ribs as her main -increadible tender; and I had the Beef Wellington. You are right, we did have trouble choosing with all the eclectic choices.
                                          I felt that the prices were very fair for the size portions but was a little suprised on the check to see my brownie was $7. Next time we will probably skip dessert.
                                          Loved the atmosphere and the owner was quite friendly and very attentive.

                                    3. We finally made it to the new location, which is really nice. It still has the cozy feel, but the tables have some space around them. Our friend was so happy with having so many vegetarian options on the menu. Shared app's were stuffed acorn squash, corn brulee, and artichokes baked with cheese. All delicious...the corn brulee is quite sweet...the baked artichokes would benefit from some crostini alongside (minor quibbles). Entrees ordered were butternut squash risotto (I tasted it, delicious...huge portion), meatloaf (our friend loved it, took half of it home), chicken breast stuffed with sundried tom/goat cheese with pesto (can't remember the name, but I've had it before, it's tasty, although the sauteed apples don't quite go with the rest of the savory dish), I had a special of snow crab ravioli in a champagne cream sauce which had diced up asparagus. The sauce was pretty sweet, the only bummer was the rav's were cold in the middle. Desserts shared were coconut cream pie and lemon merengue pie, both delicious. Decaf coffee was hot and tasty (no hot brown water).
                                      We really enjoy introducing people to this great little place.

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                                      1. re: BeeZee

                                        Revisited UTM this weekend and it was kind of a let down. The menu has changed, there used to be a few more vegetarian options and it seems to be skewed more to meat now. The stuffed acorn squash appetizer was very tasty, we enjoyed it. But my entree, Frutti di Mare, was described as: Pan seared sea scallops, shrimp, mussels, in a white wine lemon butter sauce, with spinach and cherry tomatoes served over linguine ($28). What I got was a bowl swimming in a thick lemon gravy (think of a piccata type sauce) which completely covered the overcooked linguine. And there was no spinach or tomatoes whatsoever (which, frankly, was part of what appealed to me in the dish). Most of the entrees have gone well north of the mid-$20's...the fish of the day was $36. At those price points, I enjoyed my meal at Oliver, A Bistro (just down the street) more. UTM used to be a cool quirky place that was reasonably priced, the food could be inconsistent, but it was tolerable for what it was. I just felt really let down by my last visit.