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Does good fried chicken exist in So. NH?

I cannot seem to find any... and KFC is not an option.

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  1. With the demise of Premier Palette, I think we are doomed...you might try one of the SE Asian places in Lowell for gai yang.

    1. Don't know if it's still as good as it's under new owners, but Carmen's Chicken was ALWAYS really great. http://www.carmensdinereknh.com

      1. How about Chicken N Chips In Nashua? Ive only been once but it was decent fried chicken and potatoes.

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          I'm guessing the OP wants real fried chicken...like you get in the south. Chicken N Chips is not that. It's a bizarre chicken tender like concoction.

          1. re: rizzo0904

            They have real fried chicken on the bone. "delicious old fashioned fried chicken on the bone"

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              Jesus I would give my left arm just for some POPEYE'S!!!!

        2. Have you tried Cracker Barrel's chicken? It's pretty good.

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              Why the sarcasm? Have you tried it?

              From their menu:

              Homestyle Chicken
              Starting at 11:00 a.m. every Sunday, enjoy two chicken breast fillets dipped in fresh buttermilk and hand-breaded in our kitchen. Served with choice of two vegetables.

              1. re: nashuan

                I have actually eaten at a Cracker Barrel and the food was pretty godawful, not to mention the hideous store that you have to walk through to get to the restaurant. Just my opinion though. There's an extensive discussion of this place in the Chains board.

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                  I have only set foot in 3 chains in my life.... and none were good experiences. THANKFULLY CB was not one, I have heard horror stories about the "gift shop" alone.

          1. Well, it's a bit further South, but see this post about Jacqueline's in Lawrence, MA- it's worth the trip!


            1. I"m with supergrover - Bring on the Popeyes!!!! I get my fix heading up to Maine, I think there is one of the Mass Turnpike and a new one (again) in Kenmore Sq in Boston. They were on evry corner in Lousianna when I lived down there.

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                OK, have to admit Popeye's is good fried chicken. It's our go-to place on the Maine Tpke when we're heading Down East.

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                  I thought Popeye's was terrible. I had heard all the raves so I gave it a try. I couldn't even eat the mashed potatoes! The food was all horrible. Maybe it's just my old fashioned, bland, New England Boiled Dinner taste buds. :)

              2. Not southern NH but northern MA (sorta). Duguay's in Gardner. Whole chicken pieces fried while you wait - not stuck under a heat lap. The place is a hole in the wall but the chicken is awesome!

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                  Ssssssshhhhhhh, xcptnl! You'll give away our Central MA fried chicken secret! Duguay's is the BEST.....

                  1. re: RandyL

                    Too late RandyL, you're both busted! I'll have to swing by there on one of my Gardner Alehouse jaunts. Not much web info available it seems, Is it take-out only, and how's the seafood? TIA


                    1. re: Harp00n

                      Oops, link!

                      Duguay's Fried Chicken & Seafood
                      632 Parker St, Gardner, MA 01440

                    2. re: RandyL

                      Awww shoot! I am new to the area and no one told me I wasn't supposed to talk about Duguays!

                      1. re: xcptnl

                        So now instead of being the Town Crier, you've turned into the Great Sphinx of Giza. Don't listen to RandyL, be a good Hound, LOL!

                        Again, is Duquay's just take-out and how is their seafood?


                        1. re: Harp00n

                          It is both - take out and eat in. It is a bit of a dive but the chicken is worth it! In regards to the seafood - I cannot answer that but we inquired about the ribs and girl at the register shook her head NO! So we just had the chicken and jo jos!

                  2. Stumbled upon Duguay's last weekend while were driving around the area. Right on the Gardner/Templeton line. The most delicious fried chicken I have ever eaten. I wish I had some now. I had the plate with white meat only with onion rings. My son and I shared the 4 piece plate and the chicken breasts were so large we could only manage one each and took the rest home. The rings were good, not as good as the chicken. Spouse ordered the fried smelts which were also good, but not as tasty as the chicken. It is cooked fresh to order, so there is a wait. Order at the counter and seat yourself in the retro rustic dining room, like being a kid in the '70s again. Can't wait to go back!