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Aug 4, 2008 12:36 PM

Where to get awesome Jamaican in Queens

Does anyone know where the real deal is the best?

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  1. I heard of this place but didn't get a chance to try it:

    Country Style
    215-09 Jamaica Ave., Queens Village
    F to 179th St., then Q36 bus to 215th St.

    This was labled as homestyle Jamaican cooking.

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    1. re: designerboy01

      I ate at a restaurant near here today which had a very solid oxtail and butterbeans (large for 9) with rice and beans. Green and yellow awning.

    2. Ive eaten from Clippers in Lefrak City, 97-17 57 Ave.
      Theres also one somewhere in Rockaway.

      I remember it being alright, homestyle jamaican cooking, but I havent been in there in a while because there is a place by my office that is just outstanding.

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      1. re: ConOrama

        And where, dear conorama, do you work - or more to the point (!) - eat? Pray tell!

          1. re: ConOrama

            JC is fine by me! Will you post on it Tri board? Or check my profile...Thanks!

      2. I think I might have eaten somewhere but I can't remember what that might be. I think maybe there was some red on the door, or blue on the wall, but I am not sure.