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Best Peanut Butter Desserts

Pies, cookies, cheesecake, ice cream sundaes... ANYTHING! I Where can I find the tastiest peanut-butter based desserts in the Boston area?

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  1. Cabot's ice cream in Newton makes a brownie sundae with peanut butter and hot fudge sauce that I thought was really good. LuLu's Bakery in the North End has a tasty peanut butter ganache-filled chocolate cupcake. Still, though I hate to cop to liking something as "un-artisanal" as a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, when I get a non-dessicated one, they really satisfy my peanut butter cravings like nothing else.

    1. On Sat., I made my trek to Richardsons in Middleton for their chocolate chip peanut butter ice cream. I'm not one for ice cream with peanut butter cups mixrd in amd this one is very different from that. It's a wonderful vanilla ice cream, pieces of chocolate mixed in as well as slabs of salty peanut butter mixed in. This summer's fav for me. In addition to the cone I got, I brought home a 1/2 gallon!

      1. Bedford Farms peanut butter frozen yogurt (http://www.bedfordfarmsicecream.com/) and... I hate to say it, "but the peanut butter thing" at Not your average joes...

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          Bedford Farms "Muddy River" is Chocolate Ice Cream with a generous Peanut Butter Ribbon thru it. Get it in a frappe and you'll have something close to, but a thousand times better than a frozen Reeses Peanut butter Cup.

          BF sells Richardson's IC and you can get the same flavor at Richardson's, but they call it "Chocolate Peanut Butter"

        2. JP licks peanut butter cookie dough ice cream is pretty amazing

          1. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Kimball's.

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              I love the choc pb at Kimball's they also have a peanut butter cup ice cream which is vanilla with mini reeses pb cups in it. Sometimes that one has too many pb cups though (if thats possible!).. They also have vanilla pb and pb chip.

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                Do they also still have chocolate peanut butter cookie dough?? Havent been out yet this yea- that was definitely a favorite!!

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                    Oh no-they had it for YEARS- I used to work there when I was in high school- I used to love when it came out. Chocolate base and pieces of peanut butter cookie dough...un real.

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                      Bedford Farms used to sell Bliss brothers ice cream and they are the makers of Choc Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. I think Bedford farms now carries Richardson's ice Cream. Rota Springs Dairy out in Sterling sells Bliss brothers ice cream....I'm not sure where else you can find it but you could call Bliss Dairy.

            2. The Cheesecake Factory has some sort of Peanut Butter Cheesecake, that has carmel,, peanut butter, butter fingers, and Reese's peanut butter cups in it.

              1. The Peanut Malt Flip at Green St. is great, though it's a cocktail, not really a dessert. Peanut butter, cream, egg yolk, and scotch. Sounds gross, but it's delicious.

                1. I'm not sure if this counts but Lumiere always does a dessert that plays on the concept of Peanut Butter and Jam. It is usually some mix of concord grapes, cream, and salted peanuts. I rarely get dessert when I eat out but I ALWAYS do when this is available at Lumiere.

                  1. I am going to revive this thread because I had the MOST delicious dessert ever at Craigie on Main. I seriously wanted to lick the plate. It was the Peanut Butter Parfait with house-made hobnob cookie and Sangiovese grape coulis. Basically, it was a peanut butter cookie, filled with semi-frozen parfait, topped with the grape coulis. In other words, it was a like a frozen peanut butter and jelly! It was to die for. Pic attached.


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                      I must go there.

                      I had a delicious peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzel pie at Union in the SE during RW. It was the reason we choose to go there in the first place, but EVERYTHING was fantastic. It's not on their regular menu, though.

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                        I had a peanut butter oreo I believe it was called at Flemmings a few months ago- checking their menu now it isnt on there- maybe its a winter thing? Either way- it was ridiculously amazing- perfect amount of chocolate and peanut butter, sweet and salty.

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                          This was also one of my favorites. Unfortunately it was taken off the menu during the peanut scare and hasn't been back since.

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                            Oh I didnt even think of that! Hows that for throwing caution to the wind on my part! Thanks for letting me know-I probably would have whined about it for a while :-)

                    2. Peanut butter dessert and guilty pleasure. . . two words. . .Funny Bones