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Aug 4, 2008 12:32 PM

Child-friendly restaurant for 40th bday dinner

Does anyone have ideas for a 40th bday dinner which will include 2 kids? Lower Westchester, and not too expensive. Many thanks

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  1. Is this just a family dinner or is it a party? Angelina's in Tuchahoe may fit the bill for either, they have a private room downstairs if you need it for a party. Mama Francesca in New Rochelle or T&J Villaggio Trattoria in Port Chester are both good family Italian places. If the kids are old enough to enjoy the entertailment then Nodo's in White Plains is a good Japanese restaurant with the habatchi cooking right at the table or the Melting Pot also in White Plains is fun.

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      VETO Melting Pot. Over priced. Underwhelmed.

    2. How old are the kids?