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Gary Vaynerchuk: The wine world's new superstar?

Kind of Next-Generation-Parker-on-Steroids wine guru?


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  1. I really like Gary. I subscribe to his podcasts, and love his enthusiasm. The kinds of flavors he gets from the wines he tastes are unconventional, but they give food for thought. His show has influenced me to just smell and taste, without worrying if I'm doing it right or not. I haven't bought anything from his store, but for me that's not the point. I also like reading erobertparker. And Wine Spectator. And this board.

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      I don't always agree with him, but, to his credit, he tries to get people to think (and taste!). for themselves and to widen their horizons.

      That can never be a bad thing.

    2. I thought him incredibly obnoxious when I first came across his website (http://winelibrary.com/), but I often agree with his assessments a bit better than, say, Robert Parker. I've grown to like him since.

      1. Another loud mouthed Jersey boy. Give me Parker
        any day over this lout.

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          He's actually a very nice, well mannered young man. His on-air persona, however, can be a bit overbearing.

          Still, he is not afraid to pan wines he is selling, if he doesn't like them. The show is not about "pushing" wines, it's about bringing wine to a whole new generation of Americans. And from the looks of it, he's doing quite a good job.

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            The loud mouthed Jersey boy has a more sophisticated palate than your Parker. He can appreciate wines with an alcohol content below 20% and tries to genuinely inform you on the product. He may not be my style, but winewise he at least has nuance.

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              First thing, Alder on his Vinography blog has pointed put that
              Parker's ratings track very closely theratings of other top
              wine critics:


              It is fashionable to bash Parker, but as a Frenchman who has now
              lived in CA more than 30 years, it is obvious that he has contributed
              to vast quality improvements in the French wine industry.

              As for Gary V., the man has absolutely no manners. Just look
              at how he is swilling wines in his mouth. I can't wait until
              he goes to France and attempts to get wine appointments with
              top Bordeaux producers. Maybe his on air personality is different
              from his real life demeanor, but he comes off as a total

              1. re: bclevy

                Or maybe he will loosen up some of those tight ***es in France..........

                1. re: bclevy

                  And I think they all occupy a similar spot with these behemoth wines. The Prisoner 2006? come on. Mollydooker? a $50 migraine waiting to explode. I only pointed out Parker because you mentioned him. They do all hit on certain wines as good because they are good across the board. Gary's tilting the wine world a little, which should be ok, considering Parker already turned it on its head once.

                  1. re: bclevy

                    I had no idea there was a "mannered" way to swill wines in your mouth. I guess there must be a wine snob method to Gary's barbaric method?? You speak from an uninformed position as he has visited top Bordeaux producers in the past and swilled away.

                    See Episode #234


                    How about opening up your mind to different approaches and points of view like your fellow Frenchmen have?

                  2. re: Icantread

                    if you are suggesting that Parker does not appreicate wines with a low percentage of alcohol, you would be very much mistaken. I'm no Parker acolyte but presumed fact is simply wrong and a thourough examination of his reviews will reveal that he has strongly endorsed low alcohol and low cost wines quite frequently.

                2. I know the guy is becoming somewhat popular but I just can't take his on air persona.

                  1. Gary's credo to viewers is, "Trust your pal..." I agree 100%. And in saying this, he gives HIS (and only his) OPINIONS on the various wines that he samples on air. Gary encourages you to challenge his views, even defy them. If two-buck chuck is your bag, that is fine. If you can only tolerate 2004-2005 Bourdeaux (and can afford nothing but that) that is fine too. IMHO, every noted wine critic/publication has credibility regardless of how one views them. The obvious thing is to follow the one(s) whose tastes seem to parallel your own.

                    I know many have an issue with his style, delivery, and potential conflict of interest. To me, he is entertainment where wine happens to be the core of his shows. If I can get a few laughs, some seriously good insights into particular wines that I otherwise may never be exposed to, and get opinions from someone whose tastes often parallel mine, then I'm all for it.

                    I love and embrace casual. All who love life are welcome. Snobbery is a sin. I can appreciate certain aspects of wine culture, but when it comes to what I often view as elitism, I pull the backside of my short pants down at it. Gary seems to be of a similar ilk. He preaches that wine should be enjoyed by all with those who you enjoy being with. What could be a simpler notion?

                    1. Gary V is (like it or not) representative of a new generation in the wine and marketing worlds. The way he promotes his family's wine business is pure 21st century near-genius. Traditionalists and more conservative audiences will find him hard to take and will argue that his methods are crass, that he has compromised interests and is no better than your next door neighbor at reviewing wines. But I think that's the point.

                      He's a cross between Wayne's World and Jim Cramer (CNBC's extra-loud finance guy). His marketing methods are aimed squarely at a younger, hipper audience and he knows how to reach them and beyond them. The guy's been on Conan O'Brian, Ellen Degeneris, Nightline and other TV shows. He organized the making of a wine at a custom winemaking facility in San Francisco so his followers could personally participate in the creation and making of a proprietary wine (then buy it, of course). Now he's hawking a wine-focused cruise. He's on every blog, RSS feed, podcast and social networking site he can get on.

                      Take notes folks. What he's doing is going to make for the content of a Harvard Biz School course in New Century Marketing.

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                      1. re: Midlife

                        "Take note folks..." No kidding, and he's not shy about telling everyone about it and encourages everyone to do the same... Your post is right on the money through and through...

                        1. re: Midlife

                          He's not my style but I must say that he has changed the content of marketing to a whole other realm and with that, I applaud him.

                          1. re: Beach Chick

                            I don't watch him often but I like having different voices and styles in the world of wine. I write for a wine store newsletter and my style if non-traditional as well, I think there is an audience for the, "berries and cherry" group and the more "the way it makes you feel" set....something for everyone.

                            1. re: bubbles4me

                              "berries and cherry" group and the more "the way it makes you feel" set

                              Hey bubbles, ben trovato and nice way to display the Eufrasia and Eustasia major continents of the wine drinkers world.

                        2. There is room in the wine world for Gary and Robert Parker. Mr. Parker is like a four star restaurant and Gary is like your favorite dive restaurant. They both serve their purpose and get the job done.

                          1. I think he's entertaining in small doses, but his on-line persona is the web equivaalent of running your nails across a blackboard.

                            About 5 minutes per month is about my limit.

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                            1. re: ipponwara

                              I think it helps if you're in your 20's or early 30's. I'm not any more, but it seems like the Wayne's World/JackAss/Punk'd generation is more attuned to his style of delivery. I don't really mind it, but I can see where some might.

                              1. re: Midlife

                                I'd be more inclined to buy a used car from Gary rather than wine.

                                Comparing him favorably to Parker is pretty funny in my book.....

                                1. re: Strawman

                                  I'd buy a camaro from him but not a 911S.

                            2. Just thought I would jump in and say hi and thank everyone for their thoughts ( in either direction) I know I am a very high energy guy and can easily see how it could rub some people the wrong way and I fully respect everyones thoughts on me! That being said I really hope I get to cross paths with all of you and share some vino and talk life and I hope that you will see what I am all about and where I come from, I think it will be eye opening to some and most of all I just want people to be happy, healthy and try new wines and not listen to me or anyone else besides their palates! I wish you all well and appreciate some the kind words and really hope to meet all of you one day!

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                              1. re: garyvaynerchuk

                                So glad your back on Chowhound!
                                It was great to banter back and forth with you today and look forward to sharing some vino with you!
                                Best to you Gary!
                                Beach Chick

                                1. re: garyvaynerchuk

                                  "not listen to me"

                                  Happy to oblige you there, Gary.

                                  Awwww c'mon... of COURSE that was a joke.
                                  You've got your style, and you've got your fans. More power to them and to you. I wish you all well: health, happiness, no corked bottles, yada, yada, yada.

                                  Personally, I'd like to hang out with you at a Jets game, 50-yard line seats, sniffy-sniffing something from a hip flask to ward off the chill.
                                  Wine-wise your delivery just doesn't do much for me.